What’s the worst combination of food that you’ve eaten before?

Wait, so people do eat bread and noodles?

😅when was that time that you had to mix 2 entirely different foods and eat them at once?

Mine was when I had to eat potato with bread. And it tasted pretty good …I later gave up to the toilet 😩

Published by Vincent Ehindero

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41 thoughts on “What’s the worst combination of food that you’ve eaten before?

  1. I remember when someone put in a spoon used for onions in a tub of icecream. When i ate the ice-cream, I was like “what the heck is wrong with this?!” I kept switching spoons but I didn’t know until my mom told me😂😂🤪
    So yeah, icecream and onions.

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    1. Something similar happened to me too! I used a knife that what used to cut onions, and cut a piece of dessert! 😅🤢

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  2. Hmm… Potatoes and bread and cheese taste real good. A potato sandwich!!
    Well, I will admit to have a liking to some weird food combos. For example, I REALLY like fries with Oreo milkshake. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and salty…

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      1. Ahahahah I’m Indian so I mostly just cook like, spicy things and soupy things and oily things. I don’t know if that counts as cool… Does it??

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      2. Oof I can’t pick (major foodie. actually, not a foodie- I just eat whatever’s there. I’m not picky)
        (But I don’t eat meat or eggs XD)

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  3. Yes, I eat noodle sandwiches… It started off as a student thing for me. I just didn’t quite have enough time to eat the noodles before legging it out the door to a lecture but I did have time to eat the sandwich on the way. When noodles melt into butter it’s just yummy!… But so unhealthy!

    I don’t tend to remember bad food combinations to be honest. But I wonder if you’ve ever tried smashed banana and avocado sandwiches, with a sprinkling of salt & pepper?.. That’s different.

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    1. Noodle sandwiches? Wow 🤩 I’m just getting to know that.

      There’s so many food that I don’t even know 😫

      😂😂yeah.. yummy but unhealthy

      Smashed bananas, avocado sandwiches with salt and pepper. Hmmm 🤔 maybe I can try it, might not be anytime soon, but I will definitely give it a try


      So nice to meet you, I’m so happy to meet a lady that’s mermaidingaround 😂

      So you love swimming? I mean, you’ve got a decent and fantastic profile picture 💪🏾


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