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The Day I became wanted by Soldier Ants. 😱

I had always wondered how the world of Ants would be underground. I would purposely pee/urinate into the ant hole, then I would imagine how the flood will happen in their underground houses. How they would be running away from the flood of water caused by me, and how father ant would forget to takeContinue reading “The Day I became wanted by Soldier Ants. 😱”

A promise I made to myself yesterday.

Yooooo! Family. Hahaha…. It’s great to be here again. So recently, I was thinking about this family. I can’t help but love how we have all been there for each other in this great family. It gives me sooo much Joy. So so much Joy. For a long time, I wasn’t here. I kept comingContinue reading “A promise I made to myself yesterday.”

Nobody is a megahuman.

I’ve made some mistakes that anytime I remember them, I feel like entering the sun. Somethings that I would expect and be so happy about, won’t come to pass. And some that I wouldn’t expect, would come to pass. I am an human, just like you. With worries, joy, positivity, negativity, happiness, sorrow. I amContinue reading “Nobody is a megahuman.”

Happy birthday to Mrs Ehindero! My mother 🥳

February is a special month in our family because Mrs Ehindero aka miiimi has her birthday in this special month. I remember when I, Victor, Henry and Daddy always catch locust (advanced grasshopper) in the bush, and we will now fry them in Mrs Ehindero’s kitchen, using her ororo and fry pan 😂she would alwaysContinue reading “Happy birthday to Mrs Ehindero! My mother 🥳”

My Dog Would Be Charged To Court

“Who messed up my new shoe!?” was the statement I shouted, when I discovered the sole and ropes of my shoe had been badly tempered with…in the dirt! You know, we all want to look the best when we go on outings and events. And because I wanted to “chill with the big boys”, IContinue reading “My Dog Would Be Charged To Court”

I Want You To Be Happier ❤️

Sometimes, what we want in this world is just to be happy. You know…doing the things you love, no pressure, no anxiety, no stress. But somehow, we still manage to insert happiness in our everyday lives. We still try to make ourselves happy, notwithstanding all the storms and struggles of life. Well, I certainly don’tContinue reading “I Want You To Be Happier ❤️”

The Vincent Ehindero Blog promotions continues

I started blog promotions since 2020, but I didn’t do much of it in 2021. But now, I would love to continue promoting wonderful bloggers out there, on my own blog. I will do everything to bring bloggers together and share loads of love to each other. Thanks for staying with me all these while.Continue reading “The Vincent Ehindero Blog promotions continues”

Happy new year and 2nd blog Anniversary to me!!

Okay, if I’m very honest, I would say 2021 hasn’t been a great year regarding blogging. There were lots of unforseen occurrences that diverted my attention from blogging. I couldn’t even write a full article without being distracted. I’m thinking of eliminating some social media platforms for sometime. I need to connect with people inContinue reading “Happy new year and 2nd blog Anniversary to me!!”

Mystery of Death ☠

Do you know why you wake up suddenly whenever you “die” in your dream? It’s because you brain doesn’t know what happens after death. But you might dream of you dying, but not wake up immediately, because the lesson of your dream isn’t in the death happening, but the people, events and circumstances occuring afterContinue reading “Mystery of Death ☠”

Clubhouse is now on android!!

Yooooo!!! Clubhouse is now available for android users. You can get the app on the play store. Clubhouse is an audio/voice social media app where you connect with like-minded people around the world. Please download the clubhouse app on app store or play store. Then message me for an invite. You can only join whenContinue reading “Clubhouse is now on android!!”


A father usually told his children when they were younger: “When you all reach the age of 12 I will tell you the secret of life.” One day when the oldest turned 12, He anxiously and curiously asked his father what was the secret of life. The father replied that he was going to tellContinue reading “COWS DON’T GIVE MILK”

How to stop overworking yourself and worrying

Humans have the ability to multi-task. But sometimes, we abuse that ability and end up overworking our butts and brains. The close relative of overworking is worrying, and thus, whenever you overwork yourself, you worry also. But of course, solutions that eliminate our problems are what we are looking for. But in the process ofContinue reading “How to stop overworking yourself and worrying”

What you must know about DATING.

Dating is what I call the “forerunner” of relationship.Many people often mistake the two. Dating isn’t being in a relationship. I was discussing with my friends in Catholic car park, UI…some couple of weeks ago. And I told them that dating should be a “get to know you more” sort of thing. When you goContinue reading “What you must know about DATING.”

My Business is about to be launched!

I remember saying it here sometime ago, that I will be launching my own business. I learnt all about digital marketing, and I was already planning on making my business about digital marketing. But I looked at the business world and I wanted to bring something different and unique to the world of business. SoContinue reading “My Business is about to be launched!”

Are you on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a fast growing social media app that focuses on audio. You can connect with people in rooms and talk about issues ranging from business, self-help, relationships, education, sports, etc I just joined in less than a week ago and I’m absolutely loving it! I got to talk about my experiences with over 200+Continue reading “Are you on Clubhouse?”

The Girl Who Had A Mental Disorder, Changed my Life.

A girl was just staring at me. A big girl. She was eating doughnut and staring at me. Then she walked up to me “I know you! I know you very well!!” she screams even though we weren’t far in distance. “You are that boy that borrowed my pen” she said with great excitement. Truly,Continue reading “The Girl Who Had A Mental Disorder, Changed my Life.”

Vincent Ehindero is backkk!!!

I’m sooo happy to be here once again. I really miss my big family here. I was off wordpress for quite sometime because of sudden issues that came up and I needed fast and full attention to solve them. I concluded that instead of me posting mediocre contents here, why don’t I just take aContinue reading “Vincent Ehindero is backkk!!!”

Can the deaf hear in their dreams? And can the blind see in their dreams?

I’ve been thinking about this question for a while. I wonder if the deaf can hear in their dreams. Have you ever wondered why? Or do you know whether they do or not? Like how do they communicate in their dreams? I know we all have something called inner man. Inner eyes, nose, mouth, ears,Continue reading “Can the deaf hear in their dreams? And can the blind see in their dreams?”

The Day I mistook Food 🥘 For A Baby 🤰🏾

When I was much much younger, I always wanted a baby. Precisely, a baby girl 😂😂 A reminder: We are all guys in our house (except mother)😅and males are the majority in my extended family. We only have 4 females to almost 20 males 😂😂😂 But I had always wondered how it will feel toContinue reading “The Day I mistook Food 🥘 For A Baby 🤰🏾”

Just LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!🤣🤣🤣cuz you can’t hold it back!!

Legends use “etc” not because they have more examples, but because they can’t think of any more examples 😂 Today, I will share some fun personal experiences that you can totally relate to and probably learn from. While I was at high school, most boys didn’t want the teacher to call us to answer questions.Continue reading “Just LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!🤣🤣🤣cuz you can’t hold it back!!”

How do you get yourself inspired daily?

The process that gives me the best results is when I paste the pictures of the some of my “mentors” on the walls and ceiling of my room. Every morning, when I wake up from sleep, the first thing I see is their pictures. And I feel a sudden burst of energy rush through myContinue reading “How do you get yourself inspired daily?”

What are the things to know about social media?

The world is advancing every single day, hour, minute and second. And of course, we have to advance also. But we should know some specific things about social media. Social media came to improve our social interactions and welfare. And so far, it has been fulfilling that purpose. But there are somethings that we doContinue reading “What are the things to know about social media?”

I want to make connections.

I’ve been blogging for a year now. So I just thought of making good relationships and connections with my unique WordPress family. I was just thinking recently that, I’m not really maximizing the opportunity that I have of making good connections with people all over the world! I have studied and have spent a longContinue reading “I want to make connections.”

I can’t wait to launch it!

I feel so excited to officially launch my business company and website. I’m very happy. It’s going to be purely on business and personal development. And also, I will recruit some of the best brains to help deliver topmost development to you! Like I do say, it’s either you have your very own business orContinue reading “I can’t wait to launch it!”

Two of my articles just made google’s first page!

I wanted to go check out some of my articles on google when I noticed that 2 of my articles were among the top 3 of google page. In fact, one is ahead Wow!!! I learnt SEO and digital marketing so much before I even started my blog. Then I added to my knowledgeContinue reading “Two of my articles just made google’s first page!”

Do you wonder why strangers listen to you? (A must read⚠️)

Do you wonder why strangers listen to you? And why close friends might not accept what you say?..It’s because of something called “Peer level” You see… there are 3 levels of peer. Above peer level. This is when a person views you as an expert or someone with higher experiences/knowledge. Same peer level. This isContinue reading “Do you wonder why strangers listen to you? (A must read⚠️)”

Blog promotion -Measurable Progress

When your progress is measurable…. hmmmm, it’s quite deep What does it mean for your progress to be measurable? Today, I was glancing through amazing blogs when I saw the blog of an extremely talented person, Rebecca Fagan. Now let me tell you a little about Rebecca You see, Rebecca has more than 7 yearsContinue reading “Blog promotion -Measurable Progress”

Can you please link me up with any soccer academy?

Holla! My younger bro has great soccer skills and the dream of becoming a great footballer. We have tried some academies here at our side, but it has always ended futile because there aren’t many good soccer academies here and they don’t even take soccer serious in my country. So as my last option, IContinue reading “Can you please link me up with any soccer academy?”

I’m back to WordPress 2021!!

I used the last few months of 2020 to read books, learn courses and also undergo multiple trainings to build my ambition of being a great personal development and business coach. That’s why I haven’t really been here on WordPress. And also, I spent time building my Facebook group to 5.5k members in 6months. AllContinue reading “I’m back to WordPress 2021!!”

My Blog Anniversary

January 1st 2021 marked my one year anniversary for my blog. I started my blog January 1st 2020. I remember sending the link to my WhatsApp contacts, but I wasn’t encouraged by the turnout. The first person ever to comment on my blog is Deborah Benjamin. And I will still give her an award forContinue reading “My Blog Anniversary”

Happy new year!!!🥳🥳🥳

Yoooooooooo!!!! Happy new year to all of us. We made it! We made it! We made it! 2021, we are in 2021!!! Wow 🤩 Thanks for the amazing journey with me so far. I really appreciate our friendships and good times. The posts, the poems, the good and wise words. Everything! Thanks so much forContinue reading “Happy new year!!!🥳🥳🥳”

Letter To The World From A Naive Mind

Aanya wrote a letter to her future self, and I was so touched by the letter, that I decided to send it to my future self also. Can you close your eyes for a minute and imagine how it feels for your 12 years old self, to write a letter to your future self? ComeContinue reading “Letter To The World From A Naive Mind”

If you desire positive change, then do these;

1. Make sure you positively change yourself firstly. 2. Then make sure you impact ONE person per day, for a month. 3. Then impact 2 people per day, for a month. 4. Then impact 5 people per day, for a month. 5. Then impact 10 people per day, for a month. It goes higher andContinue reading “If you desire positive change, then do these;”