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Check out Cute Chloe’s Blog 🤗🤗💐

This is the first blog that I’m going to be promoting. And I have some wonderful and fantastic things to show you about Chloe and her fantabulous blog. How I met Chloe😃 So it’s not even up to 2 days since I met Chloe. 😃 She commented on my blog post of “Cooking or baking”Continue reading “Check out Cute Chloe’s Blog 🤗🤗💐”

10 of my favorite feelings 💐💐

I want to thank 2 amazing people for tagging me😃💐💐 Tangie 🙏😃 I want to thank Tangie for tagging me in this awesomeness. I’m so happy to receive the tag from Tangie. She was one of the few amazing people to follow my blog at the early stages and we have been engaging with eachContinue reading “10 of my favorite feelings 💐💐”

Wisdom: the application of knowledge

Knowledge is acquiring information. Wisdom is putting the information into practice. For example, You buy a book about “ways to grow your blog” and read it. We can say, you’ve acquired knowledge. When you take those tips and you work on it, put efforts into it, we can say you have wisdom, or you areContinue reading “Wisdom: the application of knowledge”

Vincent Ehindero Award😃

Okay, one of our family members just nominated me for the Vincent Ehindero Award 😃😅 It’s funny and wonderful at the same time 😃 This is my first Vincent Ehindero Award and it’s great. Wow 🤩, I’m surprised 😅 Sarthak is the wonderful member who nominated me for this amazing award. ✨✨ So for this,Continue reading “Vincent Ehindero Award😃”

Welcome to the new members of the family 💯💯💯💯❤️

I thought of doing a welcome message for new members of our family. Yeah, we call each other family, and not followers. I would have written out their names, but I intend to use this post as a static welcome message post. It’s done every monday of every week. Thanks so much😊 So if youContinue reading “Welcome to the new members of the family 💯💯💯💯❤️”

Wow! You should check this out!😃

While Browsing through blogs and engaging myself as usual, I got attracted to one special blog. I checked it out and saw that there is an ongoing great work being done on the blog by the blogger, and it honestly needed to be given more attention and recognition on the blogosphere. I present to youContinue reading “Wow! You should check this out!😃”

My Picture Quotes with short Lessons💐

I did some customized and inspiring picture quotes. Check it out and also, check out some lessons ✨ So that’s it! Some of my quotes. Just wanted to inspire you today, but with pictures this time around. ❤️💐 You can always share, send to someone or keep. Your smile is my inspiration ❤️💐

Saturday (21, March) Blog Promotion Winner 🥳🥳

The Winner of today’s blog promotion is 👇🏽 My World I’m so happy to announce My World as the winner of this blog promotion. The blogger, Neha Nandwana is very awesome, engaging and very encouraging with her good words. About the Blogger and Blog☘️ 1. The Blogger is a very accommodating person, you know, likeContinue reading “Saturday (21, March) Blog Promotion Winner 🥳🥳”

Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award 🥳💐💐

Here are the RULES to follow 👇🏽💐 1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog 2. Make a Post of the award (with photo) 3. Post the rules 4. Ask 5-10 questions of your choice 5. Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them. 6. Follow Vincent Ehindero @Continue reading “Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award 🥳💐💐”

Choices: The Hidden Power You Should know. 💐💐

Written by Vincent Ehindero. All what is written in this article is meant to assist the reader in making the journey of life convenient and give an insight using proven experiences. Choices. This is a simple, yet complex word. It looks so easy, but if made wrongly, it can cost you all. Why do weContinue reading “Choices: The Hidden Power You Should know. 💐💐

The winner of my Monday (2nd March) Blog Promotion 🥳🥳💐💐

The winner is Flannel With Faith 🥳🥳 About the blogger ☘️ The blogger’s beautiful name is K.L. Hale A woman of faith and flannel~Christ follower, Mom, Grandma, dog-lover, nature nerd, and former educator. 💐 Family is what matters most to her Explores Valleys and Mountaintops, physically, spiritually and emotionally☘️. History and the great outdoors drivesContinue reading “The winner of my Monday (2nd March) Blog Promotion 🥳🥳💐💐”

Bee love Award! 💐🎉

I have been nominated for the Bee Love award by Craft lover! Thank you Craft lover for nominating me for the first time! I’m really pleased to receive my first nomination for an award here. And it’s an experience I will never forget. And for many others that I will receive, it will add toContinue reading “Bee love Award! 💐🎉

The 3 most important theories of life ☘️

No one is greater than you✨ No one is lesser than you ✨ No one is equal to you✨ There are a lot of things running through your mind presently, which often makes you think deeply about life itself. Well, in the process of ‘thinking about life’, I want to enlighten you about 3 vitalContinue reading “The 3 most important theories of life ☘️”

Look. I’m always here for you if you want someone to talk to❤️❤️❤️

Just wanted you to know today that anything that happens, and you want to discuss about it with someone, I’m always available. Always. You mean so much to me and that’s why I’m on WordPress by the way. To be there for those that need someone to be there for them. If it’s story, gist,Continue reading “Look. I’m always here for you if you want someone to talk to❤️❤️❤️

Be Consistent and dedicated.

Introduction     Being successful is the desire of all of us residing over this lovely planet. It does not matter whether the concerned person is a child, youth or the old aged, at each and every stage of our wide life span, it is our inbuilt desire to be successful and proceed forward consistently towards moreContinue reading “Be Consistent and dedicated.”

Why you should not give up

Introduction        The words “Give” and “Up” should never be together. Rather the word NO shouldn’t even be in your dictionary. Being part of the human race you are one of the most resilient and strongest beings to have ever walked on the earth. You are practically legendary. Comparing you to people who lived just 100Continue reading “Why you should not give up”

New year resolutions and how to achieve them

⭐️Introduction⭐️       I’m sure that you must have heard about ‘New year resolutions’ perhaps, you must have heard someone say it, or read it in a book or something, but I want to ask you these questions, Have you ever taken the time to do some deep thinking on what and why there are new yearContinue reading “New year resolutions and how to achieve them”

Welcome and know more about me

I’m Vincent Ehindero, a therapist, founder, speaker and writer. It’s such a pleasure for you to be reading this right now, and I’m so honored that you are. Now, I’m going to narrate a brief history of myself, you know, why you should consider me and what I have to offer you. Why am IContinue reading “Welcome and know more about me”

5 reasons why you should learn skills in 2020.

The world is evolving and developing every single second, and very soon, some jobs would be driven out of business due to new demands that accompanies mass development. On the other hand, some skills would be in high demand for the same reason. This is a truth that many don’t like to hear. It’s theContinue reading “5 reasons why you should learn skills in 2020.”