Happy new year!!!🥳🥳🥳

Yoooooooooo!!!! Happy new year to all of us. We made it! We made it! We made it! 2021, we are in 2021!!! Wow 🤩 Thanks for the amazing journey with me so far. I really appreciate our friendships and good times. The posts, the poems, the good and wise words. Everything! Thanks so much forContinue reading “Happy new year!!!🥳🥳🥳”

Wisdom: the application of knowledge

Knowledge is acquiring information. Wisdom is putting the information into practice. For example, You buy a book about “ways to grow your blog” and read it. We can say, you’ve acquired knowledge. When you take those tips and you work on it, put efforts into it, we can say you have wisdom, or you areContinue reading “Wisdom: the application of knowledge”

Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award 🥳💐💐

Here are the RULES to follow 👇🏽💐 1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog 2. Make a Post of the award (with photo) 3. Post the rules 4. Ask 5-10 questions of your choice 5. Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them. 6. Follow Vincent Ehindero @Continue reading “Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award 🥳💐💐”

New year resolutions and how to achieve them

⭐️Introduction⭐️       I’m sure that you must have heard about ‘New year resolutions’ perhaps, you must have heard someone say it, or read it in a book or something, but I want to ask you these questions, Have you ever taken the time to do some deep thinking on what and why there are new yearContinue reading “New year resolutions and how to achieve them”

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