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You can be the angel that a person really needs. 💐

He sat down all alone, staring into an object that wasn’t even visible. But even though I couldn’t read minds, I immediately knew that his mind was troubled. He wore the expression of that unfortunate cat that went down the ice water of a lake, looking totally drenched. So I wanted to approach him andContinue reading “You can be the angel that a person really needs. 💐”

The 4 kinds of people on Earth. 🌍

I’m going to tell a very deep illustration. And I advise that you pay close attention to it. It’s something that will get you thinking. I formed this because I wanted to make a connection and a deep meaning. The story goes ☘️ The stars in the sky are of 4 (four) categories: The starsContinue reading “The 4 kinds of people on Earth. 🌍”

What are the greatest lessons you’ve learnt from your parents/guardians? 😃

Your parents/guardians must have impacted your life positively in a way that you won’t ever forget. Maybe by actions, emotions or words. What’s that lesson that you will never forget and will wish to pass it on to your children. Here’s my best lesson 💐 My parents thought me to have the mindset that it’sContinue reading “What are the greatest lessons you’ve learnt from your parents/guardians? 😃”

Wow! You should check this out!😃

While Browsing through blogs and engaging myself as usual, I got attracted to one special blog. I checked it out and saw that there is an ongoing great work being done on the blog by the blogger, and it honestly needed to be given more attention and recognition on the blogosphere. I present to youContinue reading “Wow! You should check this out!😃”

Happy Valentine’s day to you!!!💐💐☘️❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳🥳

Love love love ❤️ Heyyy!!! It’s Valentine’s Day!!! A day of love ❤️ . I don’t need to write much, we all know the value that this day holds. I will just tell you want I think towards you 💕 I love you!!!❤️ I love you!!!!💕❤️😘 I loveeeeee you!!!! 💕 To all bloggers on WordPressContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s day to you!!!💐💐☘️❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳🥳