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Mystery of Death ☠

Do you know why you wake up suddenly whenever you “die” in your dream?

It’s because you brain doesn’t know what happens after death.

But you might dream of you dying, but not wake up immediately, because the lesson of your dream isn’t in the death happening, but the people, events and circumstances occuring after your death in your dream….mostly as a warning or revelation of something to you.


Some people dream of death and unfortunately, they die in reality too. Some people battle in their dreams and lose. Then they die in reality….what we know as “died in the sleep”

While some people want to die, but don’t want to die seeing their loved ones sad and crying. That’s why they do it during their sleep. Where they will go quietly.

Death is inevitable to all humans…sorry to remind you of that. And while some can choose their preferred method of dying, many unfortunately, can’t.

Whenever you dream of death. Immediately you wake up, understand that it’s a strong sign that something is about to happen. Maybe you thought of travelling or going to see someone the next morning, and you dream of death the night before, then mediate and interpret the meaning carefully.

Or maybe you fought with someone or made someone unhappy, and you dream of death, then you should be very prayerful. Immediately start aggressive prayers.

Understand this

If you dream of death, it might not be your own death, but that of someone else. You might have the revelation of death about someone and not necessarily yourself.

I once dreamt of death and I prayed violently and anointed myself and all my family members around 1am.

Then I prayed for all my friends and people that I know. I prayed for the people I don’t know too.

And just 2 days after, trailer nearly jam me on express. Trailer that was doing “ONE WAY!” It was my friend that drew my clothe BACK with speed.

And shortly after that, I saved him from a speeding car as well.

That means that dream was meant for my friend and I.


This is not to scare you at all. Don’t be scared at all. But you need to understand and start paying close attention to your dreams and their meanings.

I have a big book at home called “Dictionary of dreams” it’s where all the meaning of our dreams are recorded in alphabetical order.

What to do when you have an unpleasant dream?

Pray immediately. You woke up for a reason. And it’s to tell you that “see, the spirit of death is after you or someone you know oo, I just wanted to remind you, so that you will know what to do”

So immediately start aggressive prayers.

Secondly, if you have prayer oil or water, then use it on you and your family members, and send it in faith to all your friends and people you know.


Dreaming of death isn’t the problem. Not taking immediate spiritual and physical action is the problem.

Cultivate the habit of praying. Not everyone is happy with your existence. And not everyone that you see is “normal” in the spiritual realm.

Stop them before they stop you, before your time.

© Vincent Ehindero
All rights reserved

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I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❤️

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