Are you on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a fast growing social media app that focuses on audio. You can connect with people in rooms and talk about issues ranging from business, self-help, relationships, education, sports, etc

I just joined in less than a week ago and I’m absolutely loving it!

I got to talk about my experiences with over 200+ people that cared so much to listen and gain something valuable.

If you are an expert in a field, you can go on clubhouse to share your high quality knowledge and get more connections.

Clubhouse features

Clubhouse is like a podcast that allows other people to talk anytime. You can listen while cooking, driving, taking care of the home, and you will still be able to join the conversation to talk.

Clubhouse is available for IOS devices alone. For now

Unfortunately, clubhouse isn’t on android.

Like I said, it’s a pretty new app that came up in 2020. Even though it has over 15 million users already. The developers are still testing it out and trying to finalise some things before releasing it on android.

If you have an iPhone, ipad or macbook, then you can go to App Store and download clubhouse.

Then you need to join by invitation of someone already on clubhouse. So just tell me when you’ve done it and I will send my invitation link to you.

Yooooo!! Clubhouse was launched in 2020 and it has over 15 million users now. That’s to show you how amazingly good the app is!

I can’t wait for them to introduce it to android, cuz most of us are on android. And I can’t wait for iPhone users here to join and I will send my invitation link to them 😊

I’m on clubhouse!

Published by Vincent Ehindero

A co-founder and CEO of High Foster. Vincent is a humorous guy that has a wonderful talent of blending growth secrets with relatable experiences. He is also a founder of a nonprofit organization that focuses on developing children and youths.

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