I’m back to WordPress 2021!!

I used the last few months of 2020 to read books, learn courses and also undergo multiple trainings to build my ambition of being a great personal development and business coach.

That’s why I haven’t really been here on WordPress.

And also, I spent time building my Facebook group to 5.5k members in 6months.

All these took my time and I wasn’t really present here on WordPress.

But now, I’ve taken things under control and I’m really happy for the marvelous things this year 2021.

I’m now fully back on WordPress and I will continue to read as many posts as I can.

I really missed reading and commenting (those very long comments 😌)

But I’m here to support the family once again, and together we will positively impact lives around the globe!

So expect fun+inspiring articles from me!

Published by Vincent Ehindero

A co-founder and CEO of High Foster. Vincent is a humorous guy that has a wonderful talent of blending growth secrets with relatable experiences. He is also a founder of a nonprofit organization that focuses on developing children and youths.

26 thoughts on “I’m back to WordPress 2021!!

  1. Welcome back! I must find you on facebook. You inspire me in so many ways – even when I don’t take time to comment, please know I hold you in prayer and read your words and seek to build my little business to bring joy to families homeschooling and teachers in classrooms! I’m so blessed to have met you in this virtual world Vincent! I think what you are doing is amazing!

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    1. Christy! Thanks so much for all your support for me. You have supported me through 2020 with your kind words and prayers. And I always pray that God rewards those who care for me. And you care for me! So you will be rewarded by God.

      Sure. My joy is to bring joy to others. And I will want to be there for you more, in 2021.

      So I will also find you on Facebook and we will begin a whole new positive journey into 2021!

      Thanks so much. As a teacher, what you are doing is also very fantastic. You are building future nations, presidents, world changers and advocates. You are a very valued person!

      Thanks so much for all you do. I really appreciate you

      Please what’s your name of Facebook, so that I can find you?


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