A gold cage is still a cage

Is crying in a Range Rover of $1m, happiness?

What is a cage?

With my experiences with cages (I have chickens), I can say that a cage is what keeps you from exploring life. A cage is what holds you back from being seen and noticed by people around the world.

A cage is that area of your life that you feel secure while being in bondage.

The question now is “Why are people suffering in bondage and chains, but they use money, fame and material things to cover up?

Why are people being held captive in their own impossibilities, but they still believe they are “living the life”

A gold cage is still a cage.

There is no difference between a lion being caged in a zoo, a Gold Fish in an aquarium and a person who can’t reach out for what they believe in because their thoughts have been caged and locked up, and the keys thrown into the ocean of impossibilities.

The invisible cage. —-the mindset cage.

Not all cages are physical. Not all cages can be seen. There is what I call the “mindset cage”

When an Elephant was born, the owner tied a rope to the leg of the baby Elephant. This baby Elephant tried to break loose, but the rope was too strong for him.

Then as time went by, the Elephant stopped trying to break loose, He didn’t even try again.

5 years later, the Elephant got bigger, but his leg was still tied to the tree. With his size, if he decided to break loose, he would have broken loose and set himself free of that captive.

But he didn’t try, because his mindset had been caged. His mindset had been caged and he didn’t believe he could gain his freedom, even when he was big enough to snap the ropes and break free.

The invisible cage.

The mindset cage.

What are you facing right now?

Have you tried and things didn’t work out for you 3 years ago?

Have you tried to do something and you couldn’t do it 5 years ago.

Have you given up trying to change something that you’ve tried for years?

What if I tell you to try again one more time?

What if I tell you to break free from that rope tying you to one spot?

What if I tell you that you have grown bigger than your challenges and you can actually break away from them, if only you put in one last effort?

Just like the Elephant in the story above, most people have caged their mindset.

Most people are presently in the “invisible cage

Most people have given up on life without knowing that they’ve actually outgrown their challenges.

A Gold cage is still a cage.

No matter how you try to use money, fame, power, fashion, etc ..to cover up your cage of bondage, captivity, unhappiness, marital problems, bad parental upbringing, etc, it will still be a cage that will always torment you and give you uneasiness, unless you move out of the cage.

A gold cage is still a cage. No matter how expensive and good looking it is. It’s still a cage.

Your cage is your challenges.

The only way to move out of your cage, is to face your challenges and overcome them.

You can’t run away from your challenges. It will come running behind you like a relay race.

You will have to face your challenges and work on providing solutions.

If the Elephant faced his challenges, he would have been free from his captivity.

Same with you.

If you want to be free from that bad mood and thought, then you need to face and overcome your challenges.

Work on overcoming your challenges and you will step out of your cage.

If you don’t work on overcoming your challenges, then you will build your cage with gold and still be in it.

Make the right choice today, not tomorrow, not next week. But today.

I know you will step out of that cage holding you down.

I believe you can. YES YOU CAN!!!

Your smile is my inspiration ❤️

Published by Vincent Ehindero

A co-founder and CEO of High Foster. Vincent is a humorous guy that has a wonderful talent of blending growth secrets with relatable experiences. He is also a founder of a nonprofit organization that focuses on developing children and youths.

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