It is better to be the legs of a Lion, than be the head of a cockroach. 💐

We all want to be the head. We want to be the main source of decision making and authority in different aspects of life (education, business, family, etc)

Look at the above topic.

Ask yourself. Do you prefer to be the head of a cockroach? Or do you prefer to be the leg of a lion.

Today, I will show you why it’s best to go for the leg of a lion, than the head of a cockroach.

I need you to please read this very carefully.

First of all, who is the cockroach compared to the lion?💐

The cockroach is portrayed as disgusting, while the lion is portrayed as Authoritative.

Sometimes when you go to your school or place of work, you notice that a person might say something and you will disgusted and be like “did this just come out from an human?”

When a person is the head of a cockroach, disgusting, annoying and irrelevant decisions and way of thinking will be inevitable. Most of the things they say will be annoying and disgusting—-just like the cockroach

But on the other hand…

The Lion, who is authoritative, commands respect wherever they are.

And you being the legs of the lion, means you that you are a part of the body of authority. The legs of a lion is the main force behind pursuing it’s goal.

Why should you be the head of mediocre? When you can be the legs that pushes Power and authority?

On a fateful day, I saw a boy (14-15years old). This boy is gifted. His way of reasoning is higher than his age mates. I was very pleased with him.

But as our relationship got stronger, I noticed that even though he has high skills, he still wanted to be the head of something much smaller.

He didn’t set any goals. In fact, he didn’t have goals to set.

I called him multiple times to discuss career talks with him, but each time he always told me that he’s not concerned about all that. All what he’s concerned about is enjoying life, and the motive of “Small work, huge pay”

For a boy whose IQ is higher than normal, I felt disturbed by his mindset.

He was trying to be the head of something mediocre, when he could be legs of something authoritative.

I sat him down and it took me 7 months of intense mentoring and checkups before he believed in a bigger and better picture.

In a few years, he will get into the university studying the course of Veterinary medicine. (He likes treating and taking care of animals)

Not everyone is as fortunate as the boy above.

Some people have been the head of a cockroach, made mediocre decisions, and then died while still being the head of a cockroach.

Some people are presently thinking they are going to have a great future and success, but they don’t know that they are carrying the head and mindset of a cockroach, which might pose as a restriction.

Cockroaches bring uncertainty.

Cockroaches can be stagnant. (A cockroach can be in a position for hours, without moving)

Do you want to be stagnant? Do you want to be in the same position for years to come? Do you want to remain in a spot, while everyone has moved on and covered a lot of distance?

Then you should stop being the head of a cockroach. Stop thinking like a cockroach.

Characteristics of people with the head of a cockroach.💐

People with the head of a cockroach might experience similar traits like:

1. Stagnancy

2. Bringer of fear (when people look at them, just like the cockroach, they feel frightened)

3. State of dullness

4. Anger and hate (no one likes the cockroach, so no one likes people that have the head and mindset of the cockroach)

5. Trampled upon (How easy it is for a cockroach to be killed? Very easy.)

People with the mindset of a cockroach will always be overshadowed by the opinions of other people. Their opinions will be killed because it makes no sense to the people around them)

6. They are fast to run away from the light. They love dark places. They love darkness.

Have you walked into your kitchen with a flashlight at night, and you see cockroaches running away wildly? Yes, it’s because they hate the light.

People with the head and thinking of a cockroach will always be found fooling with their own thoughts in private and will always avoid enlightening themselves and knowing more about things.

How to avoid being the head of a cockroach💐

Now, with all that you’ve read so far, I’m certain that really want to avoid being the head of a cockroach.

To avoid being the head of a cockroach, you must observe these points very carefully:

1. You must not mingle with cockroaches.

“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” Or rather, show me your friends and I will tell whether you have the risk of thinking like a cockroach, or as a lion.

The first step to avoiding thinking like cockroaches is not to be found in the company of cockroaches.

I’m sorry to say but, if you are found in the company of mediocre thinkers, then it won’t be surprising if you end up a mediocre thinker.

Detach yourself from the cockroaches around you. Cut off yourself from low-level thinking.

Instead, surround yourself with people who have power in their words and thoughts. Surround yourself with people who are lions. People who are Jaguars. People who have great and standardized level of thinking.

2. Be an insecticide to cockroaches around you.

Kill all elements of cockroach thinking around you.

Some people around you might carry the head of a cockroach. They might want to influence you with their negative and disgusting attributes. But you can be a repelling force to them. You can keep them away by being an insecticide to them.

And you can be an insecticide by being clean. Cockroaches don’t stay in clean places. By being clean, I mean having a positive, clean and clear mindset. When your mindset is positive and strong, cockroaches around you will stay away from you. You will act as an insecticide to them. And they won’t ever dare come near to you, because they see that your thinking is higher, cleaner and stronger than theirs.


Now, it’s your choice. You will decide. I can only enlighten, but I can’t help you to take decisions.

Decide if you would still prefer to be the disgusting head of a cockroach, or you will prefer to be the strong legs of a lion.

You decide.

I hope you make the right decision. I hope so.

Thanks so much for reading this article. I really appreciate your time.

Your smile is my inspiration ❤️

Published by Mrhighfoster

I'm Mrhighfoster, a stress management coach and professional therapist. I teach people fun tricks and psychological hacks on how to relieve physical and emotional stress levels, for an healthier well-being.

37 thoughts on “It is better to be the legs of a Lion, than be the head of a cockroach. 💐

  1. This is brilliant when I first started to read your post I laughed. I love the expression cockroach and I keep myself away from them. The people in Aswan call me Corona and I call them cockroach because their thinking is disgusting, it never changes. I refuse to associate with these people as they are unable to think. Only a few have been able to rise above them and worth talking to. Important to think about the personality type you wish to be. Leo I am therefore, the Lioness is my lead. Blessing always

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! 😅yeah, I think the title is somehow funny. Before i started writing it, I laughed also.

      that’s nice to know. Yes, I support you. You should cut off from people that their thinking is disgusting and irritating. They can be a nuisance if not cut off fast.

      Yes, you are a Lioness!!!💪🏽💪🏽

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my god, Vincent, this is absolutely mind-blowing now that I think about it carefully. My mom says the same things to me as I would come home crying sometimes (that was before) because of friend stuff and she was afraid that some of it would rub off on me, so she told me “make friends who truly love you, listen to you, who have great dreams, who dream big, not the ones that get jealous of you for no reason.” and when you wrote
    1. You must not mingle with cockroaches.
    2. Be an insecticide to cockroaches around you.
    My jaw dropped. This is exactly what my mom said to me, but in other words. Your titles really are catching. The meaning behind this one is MARVELOUS, Absolutely MARVELOUS. I’m honestly so proud of you and I’m so grateful that you’re spreading this information in your words. Thank you. xx


    1. Wow! (I’m so sorry for the late reply, I don’t know how and why I didn’t see this earlier 🙏🏾🙏🏾)

      Honestly, your comment has made my day. I’m so happy seeing what you’ve written.

      I will always praise your mum for teaching you the values and truths of life. She has really opened your eyes to the reality of life.

      I’m glad that you have made up your mind to have friends who have great dreams. I’m so proud of you for that decision. Keep it up!

      Thanks so much for these wonderful compliments. I don’t know why I thought of that title, but I’m glad you really related to it and found it helpful.

      You will always be the best cookie girl I will ever know!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I like this a lot. By being the legs of a lion, we can move steadily toward our goals, regardless of our fears. But by dwelling in the head of a cockroach, we can hardly move. Powerful stuff, Vincent. Excellent post.


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