Know your worth💐

Personally, I didn’t know the degree of my worth in this world until January 2019. I lived like a normal human being, doing random things, waiting for things to come to me and take it the way it is. I was an example of what you would call “average human being”. ☘️

Many people are in this category. They don’t know their worth and they end up using a little percent of their potentials😞. They were born an eagle and they end up behaving like chickens.

I love to share this story with you.

There was a man who was walking down the street, then he found an Eagle’s egg. He took this egg and put it in the nest of his backyard hen🐔. Now, the Eagle hatched with the chickens and did all what the Chicken did. You know, play in the dirt, fly a few feet in the air, run around,etc

So one day, the Eagle 🦅 was outside playing as usual, when he saw something above him. This thing gilded gracefully and majestically. “What’s that?” The Eagle asked. “Oh, that’s an Eagle” a Chicken responds. The Chicken continues “He’s the king of all birds. We ain’t ever gonna be like that because we are just Chicken”

     And that Eagle lived and died a Chicken because that was what he thought he was. That was what he thought he was worth, Valued. The Eagle didn’t know his worth and his mindset held him down. He didn’t know that his Value was higher than the Chicken he grew up with. He allowed his background, family and words of close friends to make his mindset negative. 

Now, are you like that Eagle? Do you think your worth is low because of what your friends are saying? Are you thinking that because you are living with Chickens presently, you can only fly a few feet in the air and not soar like the Eagle you are? Then you need to know your worth. Until you know your value, you will continue to cluck with the Chickens.

⭐️Knowing who you are⭐️

If you don’t know what a diamond 💎 is, you can never know the value and worth it holds. Likewise if you don’t know who you are, you can’t know the value you possess.

Most people run 🏃‍♀️ away from their true identity and focus on what they want people to see them as. I have certain attributes and behaviors. And most of the time, I feel relaxed and good anytime I display those attributes.

For instance, I love making a good joke 😆 out of everything. I laugh a lot and I say dry 🤦🏽‍♂️things at the same time. People would say I’m being childish. They would say I’m not mature. On some occasions, they would just mock me. But I’m not really moved by all of these. I know my value. I know myself. If what I’m doing is making me happy and is making me feel good, then that’s who I am. 😃

Most people have good attributes. They have good values. They are the best at conversation starting, the best at romance💏, the best at logical argument🤔. These are personal attributes showing who they are. But they become influenced 🙁by what people think about them. They want to be the talk on everyone’s lips and they actually divert from their true identity and characteristics and end up doing what they aren’t even😣 comfortable doing. Like a famous Speaker said “If you don’t know the truth about yourself, you will believe the lies about what people say about you”

There was a point in my life that I had no sense of direction. I didn’t even know my value and I thought my future was in WhatsApp TV. (A Whatsapp TV is an entertainment platform). I had all these fantastic attributes but then, I thought opening a WhatsApp TV would be the best option to display my attributes. I opened one and called it Modicum TV. I did everything to bring people into the TV, but it was futile. My value wasn’t going to be known in a WhatsApp TV. Perhaps, it has worked for people, but I’m not people. I’m not them. I’m Vincent Ehindero. I’m the only person in 7 billion people on earth, with my unique attributes. Why was I trying to be another person when that other person I should be was already in me. I was born a lion, same with you.

We all have what it takes to be the best versions of ourselves. But we want to be the least version of another person because we don’t know our value.

Be yourself. Don’t look down on your personality. You are by far your own biggest asset and fan. 🥳

⭐️Positive Self-esteem ⭐️

Before you can say that something has value, it means your mindset and thinking towards it is positive ✅ . Knowing you have value and believing your fact are two entirely different things.

You must have a high and positive self-esteem every day, hour, minute and second of your life. The moment your self-esteem drops, you will realize that you don’t have the inner motivation again.

Fine, there are some people that are already PROs👨🏿‍💼👩🏽‍💼 in their fields, and you are just getting to know your value, it can be quite intimidating. You might feel inferior to them. All these are expected but not determining. It doesn’t determine that you can’t achieve more than what they’ve achieved.

Self-esteem is one of the essentials of making someone to know his/her value. When you believe 😌in yourself, then you notice that some attributes that you didn’t even know you possessed are now becoming visible😀. That’s one of the benefits of having a good and positive self-esteem.

⭐️Believe in what you have and where you are going to with it⭐️

It’s more like needs and wants. By now, I believe that you’ve known your value, Your worth. That’s fantastic. 😉

Now that you’ve known the degree of potential you are carrying, and you’ve changed your mindset😊, perspective and self-esteem towards it, what you would do now is going after what you believe in.

Personally, I love anything practical. I do practical things so well and become more engaged in it. So anytime I look at myself, I tend to be more active and engaged with practical aspects of learning.

So instead of allowing that passion to die down, I turned it into something profitable. Something with value. Now, I’m going after what I believe in. What I have to do. As for you, what you believe in can be educational advancement or entrepreneurship. It’s okay. We all believe in one thing or the other. We all chase one goal or the other, and those goals can come from anywhere. It can be educational goal. It can be entrepreneur or business goal. Whatever goal it is, go for it. Believe in it. But before you believe in your goals, you have to believe your capacity to achieve your goals.


What you should know is that value can decrease and also increase.

    The bottom line is, you need to be persistent in developing the value in you. Don’t let situations around you dictate your value. Don’t let circumstances around you decrease your worth. You have to be working towards your value. You have to be engaging it. Mr Johnson Philips said something about persistence and I quote 

“Don’t be tired 😓 too soon. Always try to develop the habit of not giving up 💪🏽because things don’t always work out the first time. Mistakes can only become a collection of experience..”

It’s understandable that people might not see your worth. They might take you for 🙃granted.

They might look at you in the eyes and say “Can anything good come out from what you are doing?” But, it’s not yours to answer them🤐. It’s not yours to get angry or be a baby🥺 about it. It’s yours to show them. It’s yours to look them in the eyes, smile🙂 at them and make them uncomfortable with your silence. 🤫

If you know you aren’t good in one part, don’t feel decreased in value. Try another part👍. Try another way. If you’ve tried the north, and it’s blocked, try the south. If you’ve tried the north, south, east and west, then try northwest. Don’t let anything. I repeat anything, bring down your value. You are a valued person. Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!!!!

Your smile is my inspiration ❤️

Published by Vincent Ehindero

A co-founder and CEO of High Foster. Vincent is a humorous guy that has a wonderful talent of blending growth secrets with relatable experiences. He is also a founder of a nonprofit organization that focuses on developing children and youths.

108 thoughts on “Know your worth💐

    1. 😊. You can go on login to Facebook on google, then copy the link on the tab.

      Then when you edit your post on WordPress, you add a photo, click on the photo and you will see a “add url” then you paste the Facebook link you copied earlier.

      Same with email

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  1. Great story about the hen and eagle. Amazing post.
    I believe that each one of us is an eagle. But we need to muster the courage to jump off a cliff and fly high.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Sharma😃 yes, we are all eagles. We are all born with great potentials.

      But the problem is the negative mindset that some of us have. The negative mindset that’s holding us down. We must discover the power behind positive thinking.


      1. 😅I knew it!!

        When I called you Sharma today, I had a feeling that you might not be used to it, but I said to myself “if he isn’t used to it, he will talk and say his preferred name” which you just did!! 😃

        Thanks Ishaan 💐💐


      2. Haha! 🙂
        I have no problem being called Sharma. But in India you usually refer to the elders of another family by their surname, after adding ji for respect. Eg. Sharma ji and Gupta ji etc.
        The children are usually referred to by names. We also use surnames sometimes but Sharma is so common everyone would be confused which Sharma you are talking about.

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  2. Love your post! I am teaching a class on “Destroying Fear: Get Our of The Boat.” Yesterday we talked about how our thoughts play a big role in either keeping us in the boat of fear or motiving us to vet out of the boat and do it afraid. Do you mind if I present your article to my class next week? I too like how you added the links for facebook and email. I will have to try it. Also do you add the links to
    as a footer on main page or on individual posts?

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    1. Thanks so much 😃. Hmm, I love the topic you teaching your class about. It’s a really nice topic 👍 .

      Yes you can present the article to your class. It would be great. And it’s because of them and you and everyone that I wrote it.

      I added the link to individual posts. In each post you make, at the footer, you add a picture and paste the link to the picture. In every post.


  3. Fantastic Post, I have a great teacher/mentor, who covers “Knowing your Worth” in a class I took, it changed my life! I believe this post will change lives, cause once you know your worth, your value speaks for itself! 💯❤️ This post!🤲🌷

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    1. Thanks so much 😊. I’m glad you like the post. Yes you are right. Before we embark on any self journey, we need to know our worth and value to make the journey productive and effective. Thanks once again.

      How are you doing? What’s your name?


  4. Amazing cha cha chaaa!!! Loads of people do forget their worth and yeah, I do too sometimes, but just like the quote says, I follow it too: God needed one of you, that’s why he made you come into this world. Yuh, It’s SO TRUE. xx

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