Don’t fall in love. Walk into love ❤️ (This post makes absolutely NO SENSE)

Have you ever fallen into something and it ended up good?

Sometimes, people come to me for relationship advice and immediately I hear them say “When I fell in love…..” I just start laughing😅. Most of people with damaged relationship life always start their explanation with “When I fell in love….”

So I carefully thought about it and decided that some people have problems when they just fall right into something.

I will tell you why falling in love isn’t the best idea compared to walking into love.

Whenever I sight love ❤️ from afar, I carefully observe it.

Love is like a big pit. Before I get to that pit, I have my ladder with me. So I put my ladder down in the pit and climb down. If I check out the pit and see that the love ❤️ pit isn’t best for me, then I climb out with my ladder.

But falling in love is like entering a pit without a ladder. For the first few minutes, you might be comfortable. But when things start going wrong, you can’t come out of the pit, because you fell right into it. You weren’t prepared for the future outcomes. You just fell right into it because of present circumstances.

Don’t fall in love! Nothing good comes out when someone falls suddenly into something.

Instead, walk right into love. This way, you would have been prepared and fully aware of future outcomes.

See, I told you this post doesn’t make any sense. Just one of my crazy imaginations 🌈 written down😂😂

😅😅If you were to be in my imaginations, you wouldn’t last 10 seconds before rushing out😂😂

I hope you are doing wonderfully well? 😃Please have a wonderful day ahead🙏 and always remember one vital thing. And it is …………

(😅😅 yeah, I put you in suspense) 😂

Your smile is my inspiration ❤️

Published by Vincent Ehindero

I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❤️

57 thoughts on “Don’t fall in love. Walk into love ❤️ (This post makes absolutely NO SENSE)

  1. Lo scorrere testardo del tempo incide il mio volto con meridiani e paralleli scava un canyon nella faglia incerta dell’anima mia mutandomi in una scatola di fiammiferi bagnati. Ho in testa una miriade di propositi retroattivi che acquietino il mulinellante … 

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      1. I used Google Translate to translate this. It means

        “The stubborn passage of time engraves my face with meridians and parallels digs a canyon in the uncertain fault of my soul, changing me into a box of wet matches. I have in my head a myriad of retroactive intentions that calm the whirlpool …”

        in Italian.

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      2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I actually translated this and this was exactly what I saw.

        So I kept wondering 😂😂😂😂😂

        It’s not related a bit to what he translated for me 😂

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      3. I know right? It’s like something about a whirlpool at the end?! 😂 (For the Google Translate version)

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  2. Oh sorry, it was in italian language. The message is : I am nominating you on Great Achiever Mahasiddhi Blogger Award because of your creativity. Please accept my proposal. Please check on my post on it.

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  3. I love the way you put it; ‘Walk in Love’ I also love to say, ‘ Grow in love.’ then one can never be easily blown by the winds of life.

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  4. Very true.. but we must always remember that even if we go in on purpose and end up loving it… Its God who knows the future! Though sometimes things seem perfect, Gods got something even better and he loves to surprise us! I love everyone of your posts Vincent.. God truly speaks through you!! 🤗✨✨

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  5. 😂Great post Vincent, I also start laughing when people go “So yeah, I basically fell in love”😂 I totally agree with what you said! Nevaaahhhh evaaahhhh fallll in zis pit called zee love😂

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  6. Love is giving.
    I say I will pay for date.
    Girlfriend says she will.
    We both pool in the money and feed stray dogs.
    Love is giving only not taking. The given stuff remain untaken and make the world more beautiful.

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