Don’t ever let some random persons spoil your day 💐

Sometimes I look at some people and say to myself “is this the reason for your coming into existence, just to spoil someone’s day?”

Right from the day we could discern our right from our left, we have always encountered a lot of people that substitute our positivity ✅ with negativity. ❌. And the funniest thing is, we just watch them as they do it!

We think we are helpless! We think we can’t really do anything!

We allow people who don’t even worth talking to, to spoil our entire day.

You wake up in the morning, the sun greeting you warmly, the birds singing “Good morning” you have this feeling in you that the day is going to be great and pleasant.

Then you get dressed for work or school, humming happy tunes to yourself as you make the journey to your place of work or your school.

Then at the entrance of your school or work, a random person walks up to you and says “Haaa! You look like a drenched cat who overslept and rushed down here”

And because of this hurtful remark, you confirmed the person’s statement and lived the rest of the day as a drenched cat, because a random person said so.

And thus, you left home with a sunshine expression, but you came back as a drenched cat. In other words, you allowed a random person to turn your sunshine to darkness.

Whose fault is it?

But if someone looks you in your face and says “You look like a drenched cat”

You can give in by accepting the person’s statement.


You can look the person back in the eyes and say “If being a drenched cat is what makes my day so shining and bright, then I’m fine with it” Then you walk out in style.


The giver stands for the people that comment or give out remarks.

The receiver is you.

Now, listen carefully.

The way you receive words from other people justifies the way you react.

Someone might laugh and say “Your hair looks great”

The person might be truthful and no harm meant.

But the way you receive that compliment is the way you will react.

You can see the compliment as sarcastic and reply like “excuse me, what do you mean? What’s wrong with you” taking offense already.

Or you can receive the statement as a genuine compliment and reply “thanks so much, but why did you laugh?”

So sometimes, it’s the perspective and point of view that we receive statements and remarks of people that dictates our reactions.

So a person might not have the intention of making a hurtful remark, but it depends on how you receive that remark and work on it.


Conclusion ✅

Random people might spoil our day. But sometimes, we are the “random people”

Things that we ought to accept, overlook and shun, we take unnecessary offense in it and allow it to spoil our day.

So it’s a 2 in 1 thing.

Don’t allow that person’s remark to spoil your day. If they throw bitter lemons at you, take the coconut and throw it back at them. The coconut is harder and it will hit them hard. They won’t try it with you again.

And also, readjust the way you receive remarks and compliments from people.

Not everyone is hating on you or playing games with you. Most times, it’s your receiver’s perspective that mislead you into thinking so.

Have a fun day Family! Your smile is my inspiration ❤️

Published by Mrhighfoster

I'm Mrhighfoster, a stress management coach and professional therapist. I teach people fun tricks and psychological hacks on how to relieve physical and emotional stress levels, for an healthier well-being.

50 thoughts on “Don’t ever let some random persons spoil your day 💐

  1. ‘Sometimes I look at some people and say to myself “is this the reason for your coming into existence, just to spoil someone’s day?”’
    This line made me laugh, for some reason.
    Wonderful post and message!
    True words!
    Well Written!

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  2. This is a great post Vincent. I’m reminded of a statement one my respected elders recently said in relation to those making false accusations to Jesus during his trial: ” I’m such moments silence is eloquence,” he said. There is some definite wisdom there. We must think before we speak or act and know that silence is not weakness in certain situations. Silence is eloquence and can be a far greater weapon or strength in situations as those you mentioned. There’s no greater feeling than letting the words of haters fly off into thin air because of not succumbing to reply to it like for like for when we do this then we become as foolish as they and often feel no better having stooped down to their gutter level where we don’t belong! 😀🙏💛👊🎉💟💯

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    1. Yes Darell. You have absolutely brought about a new perspective to this matter.

      Silence can be a great weapon and strength. If only some people could understand this.

      Yes. When we listen to the words of haters and try to reply them or prove a point to them, then we have stopped down to their level

      Thanks so much for saying this enlightening comment. It’s deep and connecting.

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  3. I’ve had experiences where my day starts out fine but then some stranger spoils it by being rude. I instantly feel bad, like everyone else is against me and I don’t know why. But I have accepted the fact that people have different personalities and you just gotta deal with them appropriately and carry on with your life and not let their words crumble you down.

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    1. I love the fact that you have accepted the fact that people do have different personalities. And you shouldn’t let their words crumble you down.

      Your thoughts are eye opening. Thanks so much for this 🙏


  4. SO true! Often things like that can ruin someone’s day. When it happens to me, it fills my bucket(a new thing guidance teachers may talk about; there’s a children’s book about it.) and slowly I become angry/sad.

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    1. You are highly welcome Oyinkan.

      I’m so glad that you got to figure out what compliments to receive or shun away.

      The moment you discover this, you will feel and experience more of positivity and self confidence/security.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate your thoughtful and insightful words🙏

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  5. This is GOOD! Sometimes people are predisposed to react negatively, no matter what someone says to them–I have to watch that in myself, as I come from an abusive background. You give some great advice here, Brother–and I pray the coming week is pouring blessings on you!!

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    1. Thanks so much!! 😃

      Yes, we just have to watch that in ourselves. We should watch the way we react because anything can happen.

      I really appreciate your time in reading and dropping your wonderful thoughts. Amen 🙏

      I better go prepare for the blessings that’s about to rain down. 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️

      Buckets of blessings will rain down upon you and your household in Jesus name 🙏🙏


  6. Congratulations! I have nominated you for the OFFSHORE READER AWARD – see my blog post under the same name for details of how to accept this award! Blessings to you brother! 😀🙏💛👊🎉💟💯

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    1. Thanks so much Darell 😃

      I really appreciate it

      I was just about you make a post of one of your award nominations.

      I have like a dozen award post that I have to do 😂😂but I will do all of them

      I will add this one to the list. Thanks so much for counting me worthy of your nomination 🙏

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  7. I can definitely relate with this post. I can’t count how many times my day has been spoilt just by a comment from someone. I’ve probably done the same to others 😭

    I’ve learnt not to base my happiness on what people’s opinions are. Life is easier that day
    I try to make sure my words always uplift people rather than tear them down 😭

    Thank you for this post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think we all have Emma. Me too

      I must have said something and it might have spoilt someone’s day.

      But I’m very happy that you have decided to use your words to uplift others instead of tearing them down. That’s so wonderful to hear

      Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate it ❤️

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  8. You are an AMAZING PERSON. Like HOW?!!?!? I’m sure loads and loads of people needed to know this, before I used to let them spoil my day and just think about it over and over again, I would have the absolute worst days. By reading this post makes me gain confidence and no, I don’t do that now because I know that this will only affect ME. I’m so glad you wrote about this.😊So, so, so glad😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😊thanks so so much for these lovely words being said to me. I’m so happy and I really appreciate it!

      It’s so wonderful to know that you have gained confidence and feel overall happy with yourself!

      Thanks so much for reading!

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