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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow πŸŒž

I watched a movie sometimes ago, titled Annie.

In that movie, they sang a song that gave me so much hope. And I thought I should share the lyrics with you.

Hey, listen to me…

I might not know whatever it is that you are going through. Or the hardships in your life.

But one thing that I do know is that, no matter the dark days in your life, no matter the sorrow, suffering and nasty past of yours, THE SUN WILL DEFINITELY COME OUT TOMORROW. And JOY COMES IN THE MORNING ❀️❀️


The sun will come out tomorrow

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
There’ll be sun

Just thinkin’ about

Clears away the cobwebs, and the sorrow
‘Til there’s none

When I’m stuck with a day
That’s gray, and lonely
I just stick out my chin
And grin, and say, oh

The sun’ll come outtomorrow
So ya gotta hang on’til tomorrow
Come what may

Tomorrow tomorrow
I love ya

You’re always a day a way

Here’s the video of the song πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

Click here to watch

Published by Vincent Ehindero

I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❀️

25 thoughts on “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow πŸŒž

  1. This song reminds me of Serial Mom starring Kathleen Turner some time early 90s? It’s totally not related to Annie… but as I sing along… I remember the movie and yeah! It was freaky…

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