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How To Apply The Accelerator To The Vehicle Of Your Growth.💐

Do you know that life is a journey? Well, I bet you know that already.

But do you understand that you need some sort of transportation means to undergo that journey?

The car is what you frequently use to transport yourself from one place to the other. So I will be using the Vehicle as an illustration to give you the better and bigger picture.

Your growth is your vehicle.

Do you understand that now?

Your personal growth is the vehicle you will use to determine how fast, effective and convenient that it might take you to get to the end of the journey, where you will be fulfilled.

I fully know that you must have heard the word “growth/personal growth” many times. But I am not here to tell you what it means. I am not hear to explain what personal growth is.

I am here today to show you how you can apply the accelerator to the vehicle of your growth.

I’m here to explain how fortunate you are to press the accelerator when other people are pressing the brakes on their growth.

Are you ready for it! Are you gingered! Do you want to move from pressing the brakes on your vehicle of growth to pressing the accelerator?

Well, let’s go on! 🚀

This is something you should know:

When you hear the word “growth” understand that growth can be diverse.

You know exactly where you need to advance your growth in.

You should understand yourself and how you can advance in any aspect of your life that is lacking adequate growth.

You might need business growth tips like (website traffic building, target audience, etc), but you are going into personal growth like (how to learn and stick with an habit, how to gain 6 packs and strong muscles)

Of course, it’s also great to know all those, but you are lagging behind in business and you are reading growth tips on fitness?!? And you want the best results? Or you just want magic to happen and BOOM! Your business is blooming?

It doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t.

So first thing to do is try to locate the NEEDFUL areas that you need an accelerated growth in. Is it education? Business? Personal hygiene and fitness? Spiritual? Etc

Locate the area and take note of it. Make up your mind to be more specific and deliberate. Then after you’ve had the determination, you can go on with this article.

Quick laugh 😆

There have been multiple times that I woke up with the determination of going on google and searching out some PARTICULAR articles that I’ve planned to read that day for my growth.

😂😂😂but most of the time, Youtube or something crazy websites brings up some very interesting news/videos or articles that I can’t just resist but click on them 😂😂 even when I’m about to sleep, I see a pop-up notification and I’m tempted to click it.

Has anything like this happened to you before?😂😂

🌟Lesson learnt ✨

Whenever you want to go online to seek out informative articles to aid your growth, make sure you switch off notifications from apps or sites that can obstruct your full attention. It worked for me. 😃

So let’s go on!

Before you want to drive a car, what is the first thing you do?

You have the key!

Then you use the key to start up the car.

This is a simple illustration telling you that you can’t just jump into a vehicle and press the accelerator. It won’t move. You have to use the key to start it up firstly!

Same with the Vehicle of your growth.

You can’t just jump out of nowhere, without a careful plan, without following due processes, and then just think you will advance in growth or elevation.

You should have a key to start up the vehicle of your growth.

What is that key?



You can’t get into a car without knowing your destination or where you are going to, can you?

Same with your vehicle of growth.

You must have the above key, so that you will drive your vehicle of growth directly to the satisfactory destination you have in mind.

Processes of applying the accelerator 💐

Now, you have gotten into your vehicle of growth. How then can you reach your destination before your deadline? I will explain.

Sometimes, people intend to press the accelerator, but accidentally press the brakes, and vice-versa. The results can be fatal.

But guess what?

On your vehicle of growth, there is no brakes, only the accelerator. Do you know why?

It is because there’s no stopping! There’s no turning back! There’s no time to say “I’ve gone far enough, let me stop here”! It going to be FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER!

Repeat and say after me!!




Yes, that’s the spirit!!!!! That’s the attitude!!! Declare it to yourself!! It’s your life!! It’s your growth! It’s your destiny!! FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER!!

1. Focus on the Road, there’s nothing but the road💐

Growth is your vehicle. The road is the journey you are undertaking. Focus on the road, there’s nothing but the road.

When applying the accelerator, you wouldn’t want to remove your focus from the road, would you?

When I was undergoing the process of applying the accelerator to my vehicle of growth, I wasn’t really focusing on the road. I allowed other side attractions to divert my focus from the road.

What are the side attractions that distracted me? They are:

1. Impatience

2. Carelessness

3. Wanting fast results with little efforts

4. Wanting to try out everything, instead of being good at a particular thing

5. Laziness, laziness, laziness

But how did I overcome the urge to look at the side attractions instead of the road?

Focus. Meditation. Focus. Meditation. Focus. Meditation.

When you are being engrossed in watching a movie, and someone touches you, would you immediately answer the person? Would you immediately divert your focus from the movie to the person?



Because you have put your full focus to that movie. You have positioned your mind and attention to that movie.

That’s how it should be when you are driving the vehicle of your growth.

You should focus and mediate only on what is at the front of you -the road.

You should put your mind to that destination that you are going to.

Practice mindfulness. Maintain focus. Meditate.

These are the 3 things that helped me. And it still works, I assure you. Try them out today, or try to contact me if you have any challenges with them.

No rules, no regulations, only experiences. 💐

Unlike the road safety rules and regulations, when undergoing the journey of growth, there are no rules to follow.

There are only experiences of people who have undergone it. That’s what most people didn’t realize in time.

They thought maybe they could advance in growth by following some particular rules, and not actually learning from the experiences of others.

One way to apply the accelerator to your vehicle of growth is to use the experiences of people that have undergone the journey, as an insight for your own journey.

Some people have passed the same road and have come out successfully. Some tried passing it, but weren’t quite as successful.

Why don’t you go to those who passed the road and came out successful, to learn what they did?

And why don’t you also go to some who also passed the same road and weren’t as successful, so that you will avoid making the mistakes that they made.

For the journey of life and growth, there are no rules. It’s just experiences experiences experiences. Like people say, “Experience is the best teacher” Either the experience is yours or another’s.

One mistake I do much regret is not asking and learning from top people in my niche. I had so many opportunities to meet with some well known people in my niche, but I ended it blowing it up! I could have gotten some valuable insights from their experiences, but I didn’t. Because I didn’t realize then that I needed experiences of people who have advanced in growth, to also make myself advance in growth.

Now this is what I have to tell you. 💐

Attend seminars. Attend live discussions. Attend trainings, workshops. Try to be in the gathering or events that involves top gurus in your field coming to share ideas and experiences.

When you attend these events, meet with the experienced people personally. Tell them of your desire to also be a guru in your field. Exchange contacts.

This way, you are surrounding yourself with mind-like people as you. You are surrounding yourself with wonderful people that can help push you forward in your growth process.

Bottomline 💐

Each of us in the world has a vehicle of growth. Some have gone far with theirs. Some haven’t even found their keys. Some don’t even realize they have something called the “vehicle for growth”.

With this article, I believe you now realize that you have your own vehicle for growth.

And by now, you should understand that you need to apply the accelerator to your vehicle, so that you will not waste time in getting to your destination.

How you can apply the accelerator.

1. Focus on the road and don’t be distracted by side attractions.

2. Learn from the experiences of people who have undergone the journey. Learn from people in your field/niche.

Just like the bicycle, whenever you stop rolling the pedals, the bicycle reduces speed. And the time to get to your destination might take longer than planned. Same with your growth. To get to your destination, you must continue the process of rolling your pedals.

Step on the accelerator now!!! Don’t do it tomorrow.

The key 🔑 to your vehicle of growth is in your hands. The question is:

Do you know the destination you are going to drive your vehicle of growth to? 🙂

Your smile is my inspiration ❤️

Published by Vincent Ehindero

I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❤️

47 thoughts on “How To Apply The Accelerator To The Vehicle Of Your Growth.💐

  1. Focus, focus, focus. That’s definitely my key takeaway from this wonderful writeup Vincent. It’s a little word but it really requires big effort. I try to keep charge by turning off notifications for my social networks and YouTube and also limiting my internet access once in a while. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t but it’s always a good step.
    Thanks for sharing this Sunday sermon.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes! Focus focus focus.

      I’m glad you could take something wonder from this article.

      😅yeah, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. You are right.

      You are highly welcome Emmanuel. Thanks so much for reading and dropping your heart-full comment.

      Happy Sunday

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this motivational post. I saved it to share with our youth ministry. Thanks for reminding all that we hold the key to our growth and that we are the vehicle to determine our growth with positive or negative.🤗👣

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😃I’m glad you found this post helpful and insightful. And I’m also very happy that you will bring smiles on the faces of the youth ministry by sharing it.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

      Your smile is my inspiration


      1. You mean “how is my 2nd grade learning”🤣🤣 He now has a final school project, which most kids don’t have until 5th grade. It’s very intense. Have to do a book report of a famous African American, do a collage about him, write a acronym with his name, write a poem, draw a picture of the celebrity and it must be done by June 7th. So, once again the real person in school is Grandma and Grandpa. Jayden doesn’t want to do the report, so battle here we come!!🤣🤣👣


      2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂wow! All those project work for a second grader😅

        Wow! It almost looks like a project even in the high school or college 😂

        I’m sure grandma and grandpa have it sorted out already 😎

        Jayden you have to do the report! 😅it’s a final school project and grandma will get you chocolate once you are finished with it!😄

        I’m glad you are doing great! It’s June 2nd. The deadline is June 7th. I hope you are nearing the completion already?😃

        I’m sorry, I saw this comment in spam folder. So sorry for the late reply. I think I will have to be replying comments from the website, not app. 😅


      3. Thanks for you wonderful sense of humor. We have one last piece to complete – an acrostic of Magic Johnson’s name. My husband will work on that today. We have to have the project in the mail by Wednesday.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Anthonia 😃

      Yes, you have to focus on the road. There’s nothing but the road!

      I’m happy you doing that inspiring. And I’m certain that you will focus on the road, because there’s nothing but the road


    1. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

      Yes. That’s why when a car is reversing, the speed isn’t as much as when it’s going forward.

      Because the car isn’t made to go backwards!!

      So we must also not go backwards in our vehicle of growth. It’s FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER!

      I’m glad you loved it. You are highly welcome

      Thanks so much for reading Harsh. I really appreciate it 🙏😃

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love that you added the part about knowing yourself and where you need growth. It’s easy to accelerate in areas we love doing, but certain areas that seem boring are just as important! You can have half a car, you have to have both halves… Same with our spiritual, physical, and mental growth.

    Setting goals are super important too! It gets me excited and going in the right direction!

    Amazing post! Thankyou for inspiring us all! 😃😃😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😃yes! I’m really glad you were able to see the bigger picture here.

      It’s true. Same goes with our spiritual, physical and mental growth.

      You are highly welcome Ruthie

      Thanks so much for taking your time to read and comment. I really appreciate it

      Liked by 1 person

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