You don’t get the chicken by smashing the egg. You get the chicken by hatching the egg.

Today, I want to enlighten you about PATIENCE.

I know that the word ‘patience’ is not new to you, as you must have come across many talks about patience.

Now, I’m not here to change your view and understanding of patience. I’m here to add to the quality of knowledge you already have about it.

1. Patience is nurtured☘️

Patience is nurtured. It is guided. If you aren’t careful, you can lose it.

Everyone has this unique attribute. People think they don’t have it, but they do.

If you have ever waited for the bus, or you waiting while cooking, or you waited for the delivery man, you have demonstrated patience.

But some people lose their patience easily. They don’t nurture it.

What does it mean to nurture Patience?

Nurturing patience simply means repositioning your mindset for the positive belief.

When you lose patience, have you ever thought of why?

It isn’t because you’ve waited too long. No no no… it’s because, during your waiting time, you’ve fed your mind with negative thoughts. Thoughts that amputated your level of endurance.

Let me share my experience with you🍀

When I wrote my first ever article on this blog, I was excited and happy. I was so bright and optimistic.

But as I waited, no one followed. No one liked, no comments. I felt down. But I was still patient anyways. I still waited for at least, a single like.

But as time went, I started allowing negative thinking to feel my mind. I started thinking, perhaps I wasn’t good enough, or this world is just so unfair.

I lost patience, and I deleted my post.

It was after I repositioned my mindset that I wrote it and some more, and it got a few likes and comments. I got inspired and I finally believed that people cared about my writings.

Lesson I want you to learn from this💐

I lost patience, not because I waited long. But because I was pessimistic during my waiting time.

So when you lose patience, it’s not that you are tired of waiting. It’s because you are negative while you are waiting.

You have to redirect your mindset into positivity. A strong mindset means accelerated and effective results. ☘️

2. Perseverance is the closest relative to Patience🌹✨

When you say you are patient, it means you are enduring and persevering amidst circumstances and inconveniences.

Most times, while being patient, you might be going through some series of emotions.

You know, like being in the middle and trying to have a clear focus.

But at the end, it always worth it. It will definitely worth it. Trust me

The benefits of your patience will always overcome the pains of waiting.

Is it child? Is it education? Is it financial? Is it business/job? Is it personal growth?

Please, I know you might feel like giving up on something that you really want, but just hang in there for some more time.🙏

You will definitely get your child, you will get your job, your business, your family, your life, you will get all of these back! Just endure and be patient a little more. Don’t give up on it.

Don’t remove your focus from it. Have it with you every single day. Think about it and work towards it every single day.

Try to do something that will bring you closer to achieving it. If it’s prayer, then pray! If it’s physical activity, you just have to do it! If its emotional trauma or challenges, try to seek help!

But don’t ever give up on that thing you are holding on to.

I am here for you and as long as I live, I will always be here for you. You can talk to me. I might not be that much of an adult, but I have just the right experiences that I can use to positively impact you, if you give me the chance to. ❤️

Always Remember that, the benefits will always overshadow the pains of waiting and hard work. 💐💐💐

Your smile is my inspiration ❤️

Published by Vincent Ehindero

I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❤️

106 thoughts on “You don’t get the chicken by smashing the egg. You get the chicken by hatching the egg.

    1. That’s fantastic! 😃

      This is one of the many great steps you have taken that will bring about great impact in your life.

      I’m glad you want to really do this. I’m so happy to see that you will train your mind 👍👍🎊

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I love writing, giving advices, playing with children, eating good foods 😂😂

        I don’t really write poetry, but I do try to write sometimes 😂

        I composed one long ago, I nearly broke up a relationship of my friends 😂😂it was so bad.

        But now, i’v improved 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are Phoenix
        You rhyme amazingly
        When I imagine you
        I have a picture that’s amazing
        You have such a great personality.
        Even though I don’t know your nationality
        I know for sure
        You will be appreciated by someone someday
        Just keep heart
        Cuz that someday is today and that someone is me.✨✨✨✨

        Liked by 1 person

      3. 😂😂okay, now I’m wondering how I inspired someone with my poem😂

        This is the first time I’m hearing from someone about how my poem made a person’s day 😊😊

        You are the best Phoenix

        Liked by 1 person

      1. We have to be patient to get the proper result. It doesn’t matter we are slow. Our handwork determines success

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Patience is so tough . I know when I see someone struggling while doing something, I just want to jump in and do it for them. I have to stop myself, because I know my lack of patience lead to them not learning anything. Great post.


    1. I’m so so sorry for replying this late. Your comment immediately went to my spam folder. I’m so sorry. I didn’t notice it was in my spam folder. I will do something about it🙏

      You’ve made very valid points about patience. And thanks so much for dropping your insightful comment. 🤗🤗I even learned something new from what you’ve said


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