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3 nasty attitudes that kills relationships with people💐

Have you ever tried to build an healthy relationship with someone/people, but you just don’t know what went wrong?

Well, maybe at a point in your life, you might have used your own hands to consciously or unconsciously, killed a growing relationship with an individual/group of people.

Let’s check out my 3 attitudes that you probably didn’t pay attention to and was ignorant of their consequences

1. When you are concerned with what you want to get, and not what you have to offer.✨

Okay, this is the first on the list and the most common.

Anytime you find yourself in a friendship/relationship with someone, ask yourself these questions:

“Why am I doing this? Are there sentiments to my relationship with this person? Am I here for money? For fame? For properties?”

When you ask yourself these questions, you will know if your relationship with that person is brought up by what you want to get from that person.

But note this:

I understand that in a relationship, it’s about what both sides have to offer each other. It’s normal for you to expect something in return (love, etc) But what you have to offer MUST come first. This will make you more effective and better-minded.

2. When you don’t respect privacy✨

I was guilty of this until few years back.

Although, I wouldn’t say I was in a relationship, but it was something similar to a relationship, let’s say close friends thingy. 😅

But I was always preying on her personal space. I wouldn’t give her the space she deserved. I would just come up from no where and want to know everything.

And if you are a lady, I think you relate to we guys giving you some personal space, right? 😃 But sometimes, the guys can be stubborn 😂 and if they don’t respect your privacy, unless you have a strong bond, you might avoid the guy, right?😅 same with the guys also.

So back to my story..

She basically started avoiding me! I would be coming from the right and she would turn left. I would come from the left and she would turn right.

But that was killing my relationship with her (again, not the relationship you think 😅). It was killing my interactions with her.

I sat her down and I told her to explain things to me. She did.

It was then I discovered that if you don’t respect someone’s privacy, it can kill your relationship with that person really fast. 🙏

3. When you don’t have solid goals✨

You must have solid goals.

If you are someone with the goals of “I want to be a known blogger soon, but the person you are having a relationship with is saying “I want to buy 24 pairs of shoes before this month end” Would you two ever be on the same level of motivation and solid goals?

Okay, fineee…both are goals right? Buying 24 pairs of shoes is a goal. Also becoming a known blogger is also a goal.

But think about it, as a person, who would you want to interact with or roll with? Is it the person with extravagant spending? Or the goals of the person with personal growth?

Think about it. And have solid goals.

I hope you’ve been enlightened by this short article. As usual, it’s about what I have to offer you that comes first. That’s why we have such a close interaction with ourselves 💐💐

Your smile is my inspiration ❤️❤️❤️

Published by Vincent Ehindero

I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❤️

41 thoughts on “3 nasty attitudes that kills relationships with people💐

  1. Nice write up, I’ll also like to say that selfishness is one of the the key destroyer of relationships. When you expect the other party to satisfy you whereas you’ve never thought about what the person also want

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