Do it your own way, no matter what people say, cuz they aren’t going to do it for you 🌺☘️

Do you know that Nickelodeon song lyrics (Sam and Cat (just fine), that says “…we do it our way, no matter what they say, cuz no one’s gonna do it for you… 🎶” (😅yeah, I’m still a huge fan of Nickelodeon)

So now, I’m going to enlighten you and prove to you why you should do it your own way, no matter what people say, cuz they aren’t going to do it for you. (I will also share my personal experiences ☘️)

My experiences🌹

Some years back, I was this coward that was always afraid to do what I intend and love doing. I was concerned about what people will think. If I do this, what will my friends say? What will my parents, brothers, relatives, etc think.

And then when I finally tell them, sometimes they say things and I will be like, “it’s true”. I will end up not doing it.

Have you ever experienced that feeling before? Feeling of fear of what people think? Fear of people’s perception about your personality?

Have you experienced it at a point in your life?

So for quite some years, I was going through this psychological trauma. I was battling the YES or NO aspect and it was stressing my head a lot.

I didn’t realize that some of the people saying I should do it or not, will not show me the correct way. “No! Don’t do it, it won’t work out well” but they won’t show you the right way to go through it.

And I’m sharing my personal experiences so we relate them to the bigger picture. See, there are some things you don’t tell people, No matter who they are to you.

When I was still at home, waiting for admission, I had different ideas in my head.

Wanted to learn skills, you know …Videography, graphic design, 3D projecting, etc. I also had friends. Now, I told them, and some of them beautifully convinced me to believe why it won’t just work out for me. And for like 6 months, I did nothing. Nothing nothing nothing.

But the problem isn’t that I had friends. No no no …the problem isn’t that they said I shouldn’t do it or they are bad. NO

The problem is that I told them, and allowed their opinions to change mine.

I should have done it my way, no matter what they said, because now, did they do it for me? I was Obsessed with what people will think, instead of what it will shape my life to.

People’s experiences shared with me☘️

“I remember telling my mum I wanted to go into fashion designing and then she was never in support of it… My long vacation was always useless still yet she never allowed me go learn… I had to stop listening to her and did what I wanted for myself…. Late last year,I started learning from a student like me in school… My first day, I cut and sewed a skirt. Went home for the Christmas break, she saw me cutting skirts for my friends and myself and she was impressed… You need to take that bold step of starting cause no one will do that for you. You want something,go for it. If you fall in the process, don’t remain on the ground; rise up,dust your shirt and move. Success isn’t achieved in a day. It’s a gradual process. Btwn I now make double faced tote bags🤗🤗” -Ntingso

Another opinion 👇🏽☘️

“One thing I noticed is that initially, people will discourage you but when you are successful in it, they will be like ..”yes he’s my brother we are family”…
We should not let their discouraging spirit affect us..cos if we tune in to it…we will be responsible for the outcome of our life🤷🏽‍♂🤷🏽‍♂ – Right

Hey, let me tell you this now! 🌺

When you start something, people are very cunning.

If they can’t achieve it, they tell you, you cannot achieve it.

Tell your friend that you will be better than Ronaldo and break his record, and he will tell you to keep day dreaming, why? Cuz he can’t achieve it and he believes you can’t also.

So sometimes, someone’s discouragement is only applicable to his/her own present situation. And they shift it to you. So don’t be moved by them! Don’t give in to their bad, discouraging talks.

The 4 principles (listening, learning, relearning and unlearning)

  • Listening -Get ideas from different sources… Don’t just ask for success stories, ask them how many times they fell,the struggle, cause success is really beautiful but the effort put in to achieve it, is a whole lot to take in….☘️
  • Learning -draft what works for you… Don’t compare yourself cause comparison attimes blinds you and you don’t get to see the difference you can make. Learn from others, don’t forget you are different and God placed a uniqueness in you.☘️
  • Relearning: don’t stop learning. Keep on renewing what you’ve learnt and be better at it. ☘️
  • Unlearning: not everything you see or hear is meant for you. Know what is meant for you and unlearn irrelevant things. ☘️


Do it your way. Don’t let anyone deceive you. It’s your life. It’s you and God in this life. Anyone asides God that wants to discourage you is an error. In fact, God doesn’t discourage. He advises.

So now, I’ve said it. You can force a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink.

You have been forced to the river of going for what you want to achieve. What you believe in. I can’t work for you. I can’t be there for you. Drink the water from the river of this enlightening article. It will quench your thirst and it will carry you far on your journey of life. 💐💐

I love you so much. Your smile is my inspiration ☘️☘️😊😊😊

Published by Vincent Ehindero

I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❤️

29 thoughts on “Do it your own way, no matter what people say, cuz they aren’t going to do it for you 🌺☘️

  1. Haha! Bro just took us back to Sam and Cat days. Oh those were good times.
    Before I started blogging some of my friends didn’t understand what I was doing and a few actually discouraged me, I pushed on confidently and now they’re interested in my content. Just be you. Thanks for pointing this out.
    P.s. do a Drake and Josh themed post next.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad you can relate.

      It’s not something that you can get rid off easily. It’s a gradual process.

      Just have the mindset for change and you will gradually be winning the battle 🍀


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