The 3 most important theories of life ☘️

  • No one is greater than you✨
  • No one is lesser than you ✨
  • No one is equal to you✨

There are a lot of things running through your mind presently, which often makes you think deeply about life itself. Well, in the process of ‘thinking about life’, I want to enlighten you about 3 vital things that you must fully understand and acknowledge in your lifetime.

1. No one is greater than you💐

I remember the lyrics of a song by VaShawn Mitchell which says “..Nobody greater, nobody greater, no nobody greater than you 

Searched all over couldn’t find nobody 

I looked high and low still couldn’t find nobody 

Nobody greater, nobody greater, no nobody greater than you..”

    There is no human being on Earth that is greater than you. No one. If you have a mindset that you have friends that are greater than you are, or have accomplished great things than you, it’s all lies! 

This is common amongst youths generally. Because Fati, a 17 year old Barcelona player is earning millions of dollars, and you are playing in School cup, local league, you think that Fati is greater than you. That’s just a vain thinking! That’s just a show of weakness in you! You gotta shake it out!

     Before Messi and C. Ronaldo became best players, they were poor. They looked at idols like Maradona, Pele, Zidane, as an inspiration to them, not as the ‘Greater’ people than them. Now, have they not beaten records set by those people? Have they not smashed accomplishments set by those people? 


Cuz they believed that no one is greater than them, and just give them the same opportunity, and they will do more than they did.  

Same thing goes with your skills or area of specialization. Are you currently looking at the gurus in your field like people greater than you? Are you looking at them like people that have gotten to that point and you can’t get there? Well, let me tell you this now, They aren’t greater than you!. This is a very important lesson that life will always try to hide from you. This world is not an easy going world. Things happen, thoughts come, mindset changes …but thankfully, people share experiences that are worth sharing and save people from the impending danger. ‘Greater than, less than, equal to’, are terms used only in Arithmetic or Mathematics. They aren’t applicable to human life. The moment you apply them to your life, your life becomes an imbalanced equation, and you just have to eliminate those negative mindsets to become a whole person again! (LOL, let’s move on…am not a maths person btw…)

2. No one is lesser than you💐

What have you been thinking about? That the person you are looking at is far way lesser in accomplishments than you? Or that person in your school/place of work is lesser in all means to you? If you have been thinking or have thought this way, then you have made/are making life complicated for you. ☘️

The moment you have a feeling that some people aren’t on your level, you make life hard for yourself. I understand that some people’s mindset and way of behaving might not be compatible with yours, and thus, you tend to give yourself some space. I said ‘give yourself some space’ not look down on them. 🌸

You are in NO position to acknowledge that ‘they’ are lesser than you. In Education also, there are some people that you might be higher than in educational success. This doesn’t guarantee that they can’t be of help to you, now or in future. Because you are higher than them now doesn’t mean that they don’t have their unique values…values that you might badly need in future. ☘️

I know you must have heard this before “the world is a small world. If you look down or feel someone is lesser than you now, your children might need the person’s help in future” 🍁

Privilege, opportunity and background is what differentiates you from that person you ‘think’ is lesser than you. And it’s all in the mindset. All the person needs is a change of mindset and slight opportunities and when that happens, you will fully understand that No one is lesser than you.

2. No one is equal to you💐

This belief that everyone is created equal and that we all have the same chance to succeed in life is fundamentally flawed. The truth is that we are not all created equal in our ability to achieve success. Every person has a unique set of strengths, which can aid in achieving the success they desire. Conversely, each person also has their own unique set of challenges that inhibit them in achieving such success. We are meant to share our strengths with those close to us and resolve the challenges we face together. ☘️

This is a mindset that I want you to change. Because you’ve accomplished some things, or you got the rare opportunities fast, you then think that other people are just being lazy, stupid, or not just ready to make it. Yes. Some people think this way, and I’ve experienced it firsthand. I might have money, but I might need help in relating with people with depression. Because you aren’t depressed, doesn’t mean I’m not. We aren’t equal. If you know you can help somebody with what you have, then do it. If a child is born disabled or grows up in a poor, abusive, or criminal home, they do not have the same chance at success as a child born healthy, to a high-income, loving family that lives in a nice neighborhood. The former will start school approximately 1.5 years behind other students and by third grade, they will be three years behind their peers educationally. These are the facts. In this situation, most children will never be able to catch up and this will subsequently affect the rest of their lives.☘️

Lending a helping hand because you were born with some advantages that others may not have can make this world a better place for all of us. It will enable us to learn lessons from the strengths others gained from struggling through challenges they faced. It can reduce violent crime and create a better and safer environment for future generations to grow up in.☘️

Conclusion 💐

These are the 3 most important theories of life. You have to know them by heart. Don’t let a random person come and pull you down. Don’t make one person spoil your mood for an entire day. No one is lesser, greater or equal to you. You are just a unique being. You are a unique person. 

    It’s okay that some people might have fewer disadvantages than you, but that’s why I said no one is equal to you. You have to help. Because you have in abundance doesn’t mean your neighbors have in abundance, you aren’t equal to them…except in the eyes of our creator (God of heaven and Earth) 

Published by Vincent Ehindero

I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❤️

20 thoughts on “The 3 most important theories of life ☘️

  1. Some very good points in your article for everyone to learn from and to remember to show compassion to all men and women for everyone is dealing with their own unique challenges in life. Some excellent advice here. Love you my friend. Hugs Joni 💖💖💖

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