The winner of my Monday (17, February) Blog Promotion 🌺🌺☘️☘️❤️

Heyyyyy!! How’s your day going? I’m happy to come again today to announce the winner of today’s (Monday) blog promotion. ☘️☘️

The winner is 👇🏽

And the blogger’s name is Joni ☘️

Here’s my review about the blog and blogger ☘️🌺

  • The blogger, Joni grew up in a military family of alcoholic parents. Although she might not be brought up well, her parents were sober during the last two years before their demise, and she still misses them now. 🌺
  • She was put in bad situations, some of which she was sexually molested. Thus giving her lessons of life. ☘️
  • She had bad moments no doubt, but she also had good moments. And she’s now a living testimony of the good things that have happened in her life. ☘️
  • Now, with the help she has gotten and transformation she has received, she has determined to use her experiences and lessons of life to enlighten you and I, using her passion of writing; something she has been doing since thirteen years old. ☘️
  • She’s happily married and blessed with a wonderful and beautiful daughter🌺

Joni is a person that shares her own thoughts, stories and path to recovery. She is someone that believes any story can be changed for good☘️. She’s someone you would love to meet and connect with.

I personally recommend her blog, I love you and I can’t recommend anything that would hurt you. 🙂😉

Connect with Joni via her blog 👇🏽

Published by Vincent Ehindero

I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❤️

80 thoughts on “The winner of my Monday (17, February) Blog Promotion 🌺🌺☘️☘️❤️

      1. 😅ohh …I thought you meant some sort of competition.

        Thanks. Yes I do blog promotions. I chose any blog randomly. I just pick randomly and I promote it on mine. There are a lot of people and blogs I want to promote. With time, yours and many more blogs and bloggers will be promoted. 🥰🥰


  1. Oh I just saw this how sweet of you my friend to choose my blog to promote. I am so touched by this as well as your incredibly thoughtful words in regards to my blog. Seriously this took a lot of time and I am humbled. I was working on something difficult and sad today although the Lord lifted me up and so I had not seen this until just now. God bless you my dear friend for your thoughtful heart. Love and many hugs, you made my day. Joni xxxx

    Liked by 5 people

    1. 😃you deserve it Joni. You are one amazing person and I respect you for that. I’m glad the lord lifted your spirit up when you were down, may his name be praised 🙏.

      Amen. Thanks for your nice prayer Joni. Your smile is my inspiration 🌺🌺

      Liked by 3 people

  2. It warms my heart to have Joni honored this way, she is truly a beautiful human being with amazing gifts to share with others, her writing is soulful. I love her very much & I always look forward to reading her poems & her book was excellent. I also appreciate her eye for photography, we share that we love nature & Mother Earth. Congrats Joni, well deserved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And I’m so glad you feel grateful for Joni. She is indeed a great and fantastic person. And you are also fantastic for writing these. ☘️I’m very pleased to have come by Joni and you and many other great bloggers


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