Motivate and inspire someone today☘️

I always tell people that ‘Your smile is my inspiration’ because seeing them smile gives me inspiration to do more🌺.

Have you ever felt the feeling of inspiring someone and making them smile? Or have you motivated someone and you are glad you did? Well, let me share my experiences with you and why I think you should try to make at least one person feel motivated each day.

1. You give yourself motivation also 💐

There’s a saying that goes “We learn 93% of what we impact and teach to others”.

It’s actually true and I’m a direct testifier to it. Whenever I counsel and advice someone, I learn more. I feel motivated. I feel like I’m inspiring myself also, that I’m increasing my positive thinking also.

Sometime ago, I was teaching a kid on writing and following schedules. He told me that he wrote a story book (hasn’t published it yet), but he just wrote it out of hobby. I was happy. I was happy that he was doing that at his age. When I was his age, all I did was eat mommy’s food, play soccer and tease girls 😅😅. But seeing this kid writing stories made me feel inspired and motivated.

I told him that he should plan his day well (He’s still in school you know) and he shouldn’t relent on his writings. He said he loves animals and wants to take care of animals in future, as a profession. He would love to make them well whenever they get sick. He said he wants to be a Zoo man😅, but I told him that the correct profession is Vet Medicine.

I was motivating him and at the same time, I was receiving motivation😃. I was motivating him to write better and I was telling myself ‘you gotta write better also’. He had plans for his future. I gave him advice. Then I sat down later to plan my next months, following my own advice.

Bottomline is, when you motivate and inspire someone, you increase your positive thinking and will power 💪🏽☘️

2. You give what you have; LOVE ❤️

You can inspire and motivate people in many ways and approach. If you are a blogger, and just one person likes a particular post, you’ve inspired that person with the love you have in abundance in you. Nothing gives me joy than seeing the inspiring posts of you and seeing that you always want to use your thought about life to create inspiring memories in people’s lives.

I have this thing in me. It’s too much to stay in me, it’s bigger than me. I can’t hold it back anymore. This thing is called love ❤️. This thing is called inspiration. This thing is called motivation. I will dish it out in manners that I think suits me. In conversations, in poems, in songs, anyhow! I just have to make sure that people get to know the marvelous inspiration buzzing inside me! 😃

Make someone smile. Make someone happy. Make someone know that his/her existence matters to humanity! Yes! Your existence matters to humanity. Tell someone. Call your friends, your children, your husband, wife, family, relative, everyone! Tell them that their existence matters to humanity. That humanity cherishes their presence in this world. 😃 Oh what Joy will fill their hearts !💞…imagine the inspiration that you would give them. You don’t know what people might be facing, your inspiring words in their time of trials will go a long way. It will sustain them through the hardship they might be going through.

Call that friend you haven’t called for a long time. Visit that person that you haven’t seen for a long time. Perhaps, that’s what they need right now and they will be very much happy if someone can do it for them. That someone can be you. You can change a person’s day from bad to best! You can.

Inspire and motivate someone. Like I’ve done to you right now💐. If you would inspire someone today, hit me up in the comment section! 😃I love you so much ❤️🌺💐💞

Published by Mrhighfoster

I'm Mrhighfoster, a stress management coach and professional therapist. I teach people fun tricks and psychological hacks on how to relieve physical and emotional stress levels, for an healthier well-being.

29 thoughts on “Motivate and inspire someone today☘️

      1. I’m feeling blessed and highly favored. OR I could say, the weather is crappy and my neck hurts! Or I miss my grown children and I’m waiting on a HUGE answer to a possible workamping position. It’s in the “waiting” that I grow. So I stay positive and hopeful! It’s my choice today to say, “I’m great!” How are you my friend?

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      2. 😅I love your optimism. You are surely great!

        I’m doing well, trying and taking actions to bring in more people into our big WordPress family . Afterwards, I will go have a nap 😴. Thanks for your concern ☺️

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  1. I loved your share on this. And that boy is truly a rare one. 🙂

    When we motivate and encourage others, even God is happy with us and there is this graceful feeling we have just because we looked past ourselves and extended the good in us to another.

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