Hey! Let’s know ourselves more.

Okay, I follow people, they follow me, that’s all. I don’t even know some details about them. Knowing ourselves more forms a kind of relationship. We share objectives and we help each other in giving our advice on achieving our blogging goals.

The questions are;

  • Why are you in WordPress?
  • why are you a blogger? What’s the main reason(s) that ventured you into blogging?
  • What’s your major aim(s) as a blogger or in WordPress?

Let’s answer these questions and create engagement and opinions for ourselves.

Hit the comment section and drop your valuable and inspiring answers ☘️☘️ and don’t skip please 😉

Published by Vincent Ehindero

I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❤️

57 thoughts on “Hey! Let’s know ourselves more.

  1. I’m in WordPress to meet great people like you and connect with them

    I love using my writings to form connections and bonds with people. That’s why I started blogging.

    My major aim is to connect with people and make them smile whenever they come through my blog and posts

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  2. I love using WordPress because it has the feel of community.
    Those who I have come to know here feel like friends.
    Everyone supporting each other.
    I started this blog quite a long time ago. I was using it for all things Biblical.
    One day I decided to speak about my struggles with being bipolar. I found so many others who are having similar struggles.
    Now I focus on all things Mental Health!

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    1. I love that you feel part of the community with WordPress. From the time of starting your blog, you must have met good friends. A whole lot of them. It’s nice using your blog to speak out and inspire others thirsty for your content. It’s a great objective you have with your blog. 🌺🌺🌺🌺☘️✅

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  3. I started blogging as an outlet and to share my pain, struggles and blessings. Also, to encourage others and to be encouraged. Blogging has been an amazing journey for me. Interactions with bloggers make me feel as though I personally know each person by their willingness to be personal and sharing their stories, thoughts and opinions. I love it…

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    1. That’s fantastic to hear 😊. Yes, it’s nice how you use blogging to share your personal experiences to people. It gives you the opportunity to meet and know people on another level and that’s what makes blogging fun! I’m happy to meet you. I’m happy that I’m among the people you’ve met through blogging. ☘️☘️

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    1. Thanks for this ☘️. I feel glad hearing that you would prefer to share your thoughts and feelings instead of storing it up in you. You give people to learn valuable lessons from your own perspective of life. Continue blogging and writing posts. The sky is your limit ❤️


  4. Hello, I am Harina.. it is a pleasure to visit your blog, I would love to give all the answers.

    I am in WordPress to live my passion for writing.

    I didn’t plan to become a blogger, I wrote a poem and an article, so at that time, my husband got an idea to start a blog to utilise my writing skills, then I published so many poems, illustrations and articles in three languages: English, Hindi and Gujarati..once the journey starts, it is continuously going, so becoming a blogger, the credit goes to my husband.

    My major aim as a blogger is to meet new bloggers and know about them, to learn and appreciate each other, I want to write by my heart and make people motivate and deliver them the best content.

    Thank you for your questions, it is so beautiful feeling to express about ourselves.


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    1. I’m pleased and honored to meet you Harina 😊😊.

      Yes, WordPress is a good place to live your passion and enjoy doing so.

      It’s so lovely to see that you have a caring and understanding husband that pushes you to your limits in expanding the horizons of your passion. I’ve checked your blog multiple times, even though I don’t understand Hindi and Gujarati, I still drop a like and possibly comment because I know Harina’s posts are inspiring, no matter the language.

      You are sure meeting new bloggers and I’m one of them. I’m also very happy that I got to meet you in this big WordPress family. I found you, or wait, you found me?😅

      Continue to write and inspire people. Make their day, brighten their lives and days. I believe you can. I believe in you Harina. Your smile is my inspiration.

      P.s And greet your husband for me. Tell him he’s doing a great job as an husband and we are feeling his positive impact in your life and blog ☘️☘️☘️🌺


      1. Thank you soooooo much for your motivation…it means a lot.. surely I will pass your message to my husband…☺️☺️

        I translate some blogs from Hindi and Gujarati into English…so keep reading those blogs and English posts!

        Really, it’s a nice meeting with you..thank you so much for your time..☺️☺️🤘👍

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      2. 😃😃yes. I will read your posts. As long as I’m living. My motto is “your smile is my inspiration” and right now, seeing you happy and motivated gives me inspiration to do more. ☘️☘️☘️


  5. Hi.
    I am Bhagyashree. I started my blog on WordPress to share my poetry, stories and everything about books and connect with like minded people!
    I have loved being a part of this community since the time I began blogging and hope I would be continue to meet amazing bloggers and form everlasting friendships! 😊

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  6. We’re on WordPress to share our stories and insights into our lives. Our major aim is to connect with people who can relate to our stories and share in our experiences. Nice to meet you again Vincent 😹.

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  7. I am blogging to share my photos and meet people I wouldn’t other wise meet. I started blogging for the same reason, to share my photos, although now it has turned into so much more…to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Having been here for almost a year, I have found people like to hear/read stories about where one lives and personal experiences. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, and that is part of life!

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  8. Nearing 50, many life changes, and the ever fascination with writing and people~it led me to blog. I’ve submitted work for years ~halted it due to career and kids. And God gave me many health challenges and personal struggles in which I’m thankful. For in these, I found my truth. And simply, I love God and I love others. Connecting with humanity well,…it makes me “human”. I’m not a democrat, I’m not a Republican, I’m not a firstborn, I’m not a last born. I’m right in the middle. And in the middle keeps me humble. Write on my friends. Keep faith.

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    1. Wow. I’m happy 😃. I’m happy that you are thankful to God and that all what happened, happened for good. I love you too, just like you love others. I’m also right in the middle! We have something in common here😅. Thanks so much for your advice. ✅✅☘️☘️

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  9. I started my blog as away to express myself and so a lot of my posts tend to be about those sort of topics. My goal at the moment is to try and turn this whole blogging thing into a full time thing but not sure if that’s going to happen any time soon. Great post and such a fun way to get to know other bloggers better!

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    1. I love what I’m seeing here 😊. Yes, blogging is so much fun when you try genuinely express yourself to others. You create a kind of bond and real connection with them and they will relate your experiences to their personal lives. Thanks. I love meeting people. It’s so much fun and love ❤️

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  10. I paid for a WordPress site for two years before I actually had the courage to post an article. I enjoy writing spiritual content to bring hope and encouragement to others. Since posting I have made many new friends and enjoy reading their posts, which have encouraged me.

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  11. Yes, I enjoy reading your posts as well. Reading every one’s post is like casual dining, fine dining, and homestyle dining. The Bloggers I am following have a variety of experience and talents that are enjoyable to read and encouraging and uplifting for one’s spirit. I am so glad I found the courage to join this community of Bloggers on WordPress.

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    1. 😃😃this is very encouraging to hear☘️. I’m very glad that you are happy be in the community of bloggers on WordPress. It’s such a great experience as we learn from people’s perspectives about life and apply those principles to our lives💐💐

      How are you doing today!? 😃


      1. Awesome! My husband now wants to join us bloggers. He posted three articles on my site (to get his feet wet, so to speak) and he enjoys writing them. So he going to contribute by posting once a week on my site.

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      2. Wow! That’s fantastic! 😊 You’ve made blogging look appealing and sweet to your husband. That’s +1 in the WordPress family😃. I’m happy and I can’t wait to read his posts. Please notify me when a post is written by your husband. It would be a pleasure 😇


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