Never compare yourself to anyone

Comparing yourself is one thing you must have done at a point in your life. Probably, someone has a better networking skill than you, or someone is just great at writing blog posts, then you look at them, not as mentors or role models but as you being inferior to them. I will walk you through what comparison takes out of you and why you shouldn’t ever compare yourself with people.

1. Comparison makes you pessimistic

It makes you go feel down instead of optimistic

Comparing yourself with other people causes negative thoughts in your mind. You weigh yourself down and place them up in high esteem. You think because they are doing it and succeeding, you can’t do it again because you aren’t going to get noticed. 

    When I was in high school, I compared myself to my mates. They were good at something, especially sports. And I was still struggling, not to find what I was good at, but to join them, when actually, I suppose to stand out. I compared myself to them and I kept having bad times. I was pessimistic. He can run, I can’t. He can play football, I can’t even make a meaningful shot. She can play basketball, I am not even tall. All these thoughts came as a result of my comparison. I wasn’t focusing on what I needed to do to improve myself, I instead wasted more time thinking about how I’m not just good enough as my mates. 

  It wasn’t until later that I discovered that I had a special gift that they didn’t have. Writing. I could write and make a person’s day, why was I not focusing on that instead?. Comparison blocked me from clear and deep focus. 

Then I started writing and it felt good when I saw my friends coming to me for advice, wise words, writings and help. They would come sorrowfully and they would leave happily. It was then I made resolutions to never ever compare myself to anyone, because it doesn’t help, it just removes your focus.


You think someone is better than you in something? Fine. They might be. But guess what? You are also better than them in something. Don’t waste time thinking about how better they are than you. Instead, focus on developing the attribute, skill or talent in you that they don’t have. You will be surprised when you see them coming to you for enquires and hiring.

2. You don’t gain anything from comparing. You think you gain motivation, but you actually bring down your self esteem.

Talking from experience, I really thought that comparing myself with other people gave me inspiration to do more. But I was wrong! You know why?

    It’s because I looked at them with the view of comparison, with the view of superiority and not the view of mentorship and role model. Having someone as a role model and looking up to that person is completely different from comparing yourself to that person. With a role model, you try to exhibit the characteristics of how they are who they are to you. You try to do what they do so you become successful or experienced like them. But with comparison, it’s quite different. You look at them with the view of ‘can I get there?’ And immediately, thought of ‘I can never be like them, I don’t have their talents, etc’, comes to your mind. So if you think by comparing yourself, you gain motivation, then you need to have a check on yourself again. Do you really receive motivation? Like you really really receive motivation? Ask yourself and hit me up in the comment section. 


Never compare yourself to anyone. When you compare yourself to another, you dull down your inherent beauty. Be happy for others; let them live their dreams and wish them well. Even if they’re on a similar path as you, competition doesn’t need to be a factor. Focus only on your own success. The more you harbor envy, animosity, bitterness or frustration against someone for their achievements, the more you stifle your own personal progress. The moment you realize that you are as unique as your thumbprint is the moment you can begin to utilize your inbred talents towards your total benefit. 

What do you think? Hit me up in the comment section, let’s discuss and help each other. 

Goodluck to you ☘️☘️

Published by Vincent Ehindero

I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❤️

26 thoughts on “Never compare yourself to anyone

      1. Thank you. Let me ask you this. Don’t you think some comparison is ok. For example, if someone is doing well with their blog. Perhaps figuring out what they are doing to be successful would help you too.

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      2. Then that wouldn’t be comparison. That would be observation. Learning by observation. When you compare, you might not feel happy about yours. And that’s where the problem is. But when you observe, you look at what ideas to take from other blogs and to make your own better. The difference is quite clear ☘️☘️. But if you still have questions, we can discuss it here.🌺

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  1. Comparing ourselves to others allows them to drive our behavior.Sometimes this comparison is motivating and sometimes its destructive. When we are comparing ourselves against us in a negative way we are comparing what we perceive is the best someone against our weakness.

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    1. Hmmm 🤔

      These are wise words.

      You are right. When you want to motivate yourself and you try using others as a driving force to help you, then I wouldn’t call that comparison. I will call that “mentoring” or having a role model. This is just my own opinion. 💐

      I don’t like comparing people. I only see what they are doing and I want to do better. I know I can do better, but seeing those people constantly reminds me that I can do more than what they are doing.

      In most cases. Comparing yourself to someone really high in your field might bring down your self esteem. You might think you can achieve it, but not to their extent.


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