I want to help my blog followers create awareness for their blogs.

Hello 👋🏼 how are you doing? I guess you are doing great right?

I checked out some blogs that are following me and I thought of what I can do to help my followers receive more awareness and attention. In my own little way, I thought of an idea.

This is the idea ☘️

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, I will pick a blog and I will hype and create awareness for it on my own blog. Different blog for different days.

This is my own way of helping and encouraging bloggers, especially the upcoming and new bloggers, so they won’t give up so easily. I don’t only want to write inspirational posts, I also want to show actions that will inspire ☘️.

Requirements for being chosen for the selected days.

  • You have to be an engaging blogger. You must engage with posts, reply comments, like meaningful posts.
  • You must be following my blog so you can see my posts and engage with them.
  • I’m working on bringing the connection of bloggers together and sharing different ideas together.
  • You should put on notifications settings for my posts. People are going to comment and get engaged, if you want to stand a chance, you should engaged earlier.
  • You must be optimistic and focused. just trying to help.


I’m just trying to help here. If I make it totally free, like no requirements attached, we won’t know the value of it. So guys, I know some of you reading this are already established as a blogger, while some are just starting the art of blogging. We are here for each other. It’s high time we started demonstrating what we write. I might have 100+ followers, but to me, you worth more than a million dollars ❤️❤️

Let’s try to be engaged in posts. I’ve turned on your post notifications. If you haven’t, you can turn mine on as well. I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️ You can reblog or share to help bloggers out there. Together we can 💪🏽

Published by Vincent Ehindero

|| inspiring influencer || Children lover 🥰 || Writer|| founder of a youth NGO || I love to make people smile and my motto is “your smile is my inspiration 😃”

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