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Don’t follow the crowd, do something unique and different.

Why must you follow the crowd to do things that they do? Why must you do the normal routine that many people undergo? Is it because it’s the normal trend? Or is it just easy to do what others do and difficult to create something different and unique? 

I’m going to talk about why you should be creative, distinct, unique and different from the people doing what you are doing, in your respected field. I’m also going to give you some tasks for the extra push to be different and unique.

1. You leave the crowd at the valley and climb up the mountain.

Tell me something, a man that stays in the valley, with the crowd, and a man that climbs up the mountain, who will you notice firstly and effectively? The man in the valley, with the crowd? Or the man on the mountain? 

     That’s my exact point. You have to be unique and different to stay above the crowd. If only you could put in some effort and deep thinking on how to stand out and be unique, you will notice that you begin to get the fame and recognition you so long desired. I don’t know what you might be facing, in business, family, education, etc, but I’m sure of one thing, and it is that, you should look for ways to be the unique person in your category. If this is how people run your type of business, try to be unique and different. Do something that they aren’t doing. Leave them at the valley level and climb up the mountain. Same goes with other issues of your life. Determine to be the boss of that issue. Millions are doing it that way, doesn’t mean you should join them in doing it that way. People blog this way, people advertise this way, people ….. you are not people. You are yourself. And you have the willpower to be above in your field. 

Do-it-yourself task

I want you to sit down and think about what you can do in your life, business, education, etc, that will make you stand out and be distinct. You can message me on this and I will put you through. This is a do it yourself lesson, meaning it’s a personal lesson I’m giving you. Do it and give me your feedback. ☘️ Think about what the crowd isn’t doing that you can do and be unique and different in it.

2. You experience the great feeling.

 If you ever ran a race and took any of the top three positions, how do you feel? Or if you’ve done something and you were among the top, what feeling did you get? 

      The same thing applies to when you are different and unique from the crowd. You experience the great feeling, and you know what? When you are experiencing the great feeling of being unique and different, you never want the feeling to leave you. You don’t want the feeling to go away, so what do you do? You tend to do all your best to remain at the top. You put in your best efforts to remain on the mountain where the opportunities are more than the valley where the crowd squeezes all available opportunities. 

Just imagine yourself writing a blog post, at first, you might be at the crowded level, that is, you might be getting a few followers, little or no likes, etc. But when you think of what your competitors aren’t doing, and you leverage on it, you notice that likes, followers, and engagements tend to increase. Now, when you’ve reached the point of getting thousands or hundreds of likes and comments on your post, you feel great right? And will you work harder or lesser to make sure that great feeling continues in you? I’m sure you will. That’s what happens when you are distinct and different in your field. Mark Zukerberg took his time to be unique and different and now, the great feeling he’s getting from his choice to be unique, pushes him to do better things. 

You can also do greater things than Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Warren Buffet, etc, if only you can put in the efforts and positive thinking to be different and unique right now. Don’t waste time. Don’t say tomorrow or next week, do it now! Time isn’t on your side. Sacrifice your time now and reap the benefits of your sacrifice later. Because I tell you, your success will overshadow your pains of hard work.

Do-it-yourself task

Try a competition with probably your friends. Maybe running or cycling, etc. After the competition, the top three winners ask them how they feel when they take the top position. You might not necessarily be in the competition also, you can go over to someone that’s good in his field and ask the person how it feels to be praised and appreciated by people. You will observe that they will tell you how great they feel and how it pushes them to do more. Write the lessons down and be determined to be unique and different like them, or more than them. 

The do-it-yourself lessons are to help you create your own experiences. You should undergo them and bring out your own experiences from it. I believe in you. If you are reading this, I believe in you so much. I love ❤️ you so much and always will.

Published by Vincent Ehindero

I'm here for my family. My wordpress family. I love you all so much and I promise never to leave you ❤️

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