Do what 1% of people do and not what 99% are doing

Living life as ordinary isn’t the best. You know this, I know this. Seconds turn into minutes, into hours, into days, weeks, months and years, and when you look back, you feel like you haven’t made yourself distinct and different from everyone else around you. But let’s look at some of these factors.

What 99% of people do that you shouldn’t do.

  • They focus on the Ordinary

Most people focus on doing things the normal way because they can’t put in efforts to be extraordinary. You shouldn’t look at things with the ordinary man perspective. Most people that are ordinary do things in the normal way. But are you ordinary? Do you say to yourself “because people are doing it this way, let me also do it thing way”?

When I discovered my talents of content writing, I will building it and developing it the normal way. I don’t know that millions of people on earth also have my skill. And if I’m still normal about my skill, my competitors are going to overshadow or drive me out of business. The I started working different on my skill. I started doing things differently. I didn’t want to follow the 99% crowd in doing things. I wanted to do things that aren’t ordinary and common. You should also. You have a business, unless you want to be a local champion, then don’t work on them. But if you want to fulfill your global goals, then don’t do things that ordinary people do ordinarily.

  • They wait for opportunities even when the opportunity is staring at them in the face!

The time you are using to wait for opportunities, someone that’s vibrant is grabbing everything. And you are here waiting for your time. You don’t wait for opportunities in this present generation. You reach out for them. If you have that great idea in you, do not say “I will wait for investors “ instead say “I will go to investors”. There’s a difference. 50% of people who have less great ideas are likely to succeed if they reach out of opportunities than people with 100% great ideas who wait for opportunities.

Let your opportunities see you working. Let it see you in action. Don’t let it see you just seating down like a jobless person. Let it meet you in the process of trying your best. It will appreciate you more. You will appreciate and know that you worth it more.

Dangers of being among the 99%

  • You might not live a fulfilled life

I know that you have goals that you want to achieve. Life goals. Future goals. Goals of business, marital, etc. I also have. But if you want to achieve those goals, you must be different and distinct. You must not do what others are doing if you don’t want the same normal results for you life. They aren’t putting in the efforts which gives you an upper hand to put in your efforts and stand out.

  • You might only be known in your neighborhood

This is what I refer to local champion. You know…when you ‘blow’ only among the people in your environment. No international recognition or awards. You have a business or skill that you are working on, fine, neighborhood recognition is a good starting point. But I believe that you have bigger goals to achieve. Goals that are too big for your neighborhood to contain. If you have these type of goals, then you need to move away from the 99% of people to the few 1%. Always put this principle in your mind “If you put a shark in an aquarium, then there’s a limit to its growth. But if you put the same Shark in the ocean, then there’s no limit to it’s growth”. You are the Shark. Leave the aquarium you are now, and go into the ocean because you will have full access to your potentials.

How to be among the distinct 1% and why.

Like i said, it all starts with your mindset. Regrets in future is the offspring of the ordinary lifestyle in present. But let’s look at 2 major ways that I’ve adopted and I can testify to them.

  • Sit down and think of the empty spaces that your skills or business can fill in humanity

You have to look at what your competitors aren’t doing that you can take advantage on. You don’t know that no matter how successful your competitors can be, there’s always a vacuum left behind that you can seize and fill. Like I said earlier, you have skills, but millions of people on earth also have the same skills. What will make you be the 1% over them is seizing the opportunities that aren’t visible yet to the world. This requires thinking. Deep thinking that worths it at the end of the day. So I employ you now, to sit down and think about what 99% of people in the world are doing that you can do differently.

  • Pray

This is a factor that many people skip. They think that it’s by their own work and efforts that they are getting changes. I don’t know your religion, but we are all serving the same God. Having a close relationship with your God is very beneficial and enlightening. This worked for me. That’s why I’m telling you now. I can’t share experiences that I haven’t tested. Have a close relationship with God and you will be revealed some hidden secrets that can let you stay differently from the 99% of people in life.

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    1. Thanks John. ☘️ I’m glad you enjoyed and learnt something valuable. Yes, life isn’t easy and it’s Fantastic that you are enlightening your children at this stage. They will surely grow up to always put in efforts at chasing their goals and achieving them. And also, send my greetings to your children☘️ Tell them that I said they should focus on their goals and they will succeed greatly. ☘️☘️❤️

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