New year resolutions and how to achieve them


      I’m sure that you must have heard about ‘New year resolutions’ perhaps, you must have heard someone say it, or read it in a book or something, but I want to ask you these questions, Have you ever taken the time to do some deep thinking on what and why there are new year resolutions? Have you ever sat down to discover the mystery behind New Year’s resolutions? 

         Well, together, we are looking at the full details and the mysterious reasons why people do have new year resolutions. Allow me to proceed ✨

⭐️What is a New Year’s resolution?⭐️

Let’s just do a brief summary of what New Year’s resolution is. A new year’s resolution is the orderly planning of annual goals with the enforcement of determined habits in accomplishing them.

    It’s that first planning you do every first month(or last month) to set annual goals with deadlines attached. It’s a resolution and not merely the setting of goals. It’s more like “hey I have to read 5 books every month” and not “hey I have to read books every month”  It’s a determined decision. An enforced habit with focus and discipline. 

When I was in high school, I didn’t have a planned life. Every year, I shout “Happy New Year” with my family, eat Chicken, drink coke, and forget about resolutions. (Besides, who will care about resolutions, when I had school homework to do..haha) and that continued every year, the sequence continues, and I was feeling valueless. I was feeling like there was something in me that was yearning to showcase itself to the world. 

      But if I didn’t have any planned new year resolution, how would I ever know that I’m supposed to impact people positively. Right now, When I think back on those years, I wish I had started out my new year resolutions earlier. 

When you are having a feeling that you aren’t really using up to 50% of your potential, then you need to sit down and plan your life yearly. 

“With new year resolutions comes new life resolutions” -Vincent Ehindero

There’s no way you would plan your life for the beginning of a new year and you won’t have a changed life. There’s no way, you would undergo new year resolutions and you won’t have a positive life. No way! Absolutely no way! 

It all happens with a decision. A choice. Make that choice now, to have new year resolutions. Make that choice now, to be fully and authentically you. You know what you want better than I do, you know what you want to achieve better than the 7billion people on earth. So if you have those types of goals, doesn’t it worth setting new year resolutions? Doesn’t it? 

Take that decision now! If you don’t do it, nobody’s going to do it for you. 

⭐️The new year resolutions you should set⭐️

      Now, you fully understand what new year resolutions are, and why you should set them. I also believe that if you weren’t making new year resolutions before, you have made the choice now. If you have made the choice, that’s fantastic. If you haven’t, then please make the choice before reading on. ⭐️

 You might be wondering if you can ever set the right resolutions every year, but hey! Come back from your wonderland and let’s go through some resolutions I have researched especially for you✨. 

         These resolutions are set mainly to improve your personal life. It’s more like setting habits that you want to adopt in the new year. Habits like, gyming to lose weight, reading books every month, drawing closer to God, stop smoking or drinking, etc. It’s something personal. Something that will aid personal development. 

      When I was about to write my final examinations of high school, to go to the university, there were some new year resolutions I had to do. Before I made those resolutions, I had some nasty personal habits. I couldn’t read books, I couldn’t study alone, I was playful(games, etc), I was not even following God’s word. 

   So I sat down, took a paper and pen, and I started writing all my nasty personal habits down on the paper. I made sure I wrote all habits that I could think of. The essence of this was to know what my challenges were and how I could tackle everyone of them. 

     This was my own new year resolutions. I pasted the paper on the four walls of my room. Everyday, for the rest of the year, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I see are my resolutions. This way, I stay motivated and inspired. And with the Habitify app, staying focused on your personal resolutions is much easier. 

⭐️Personal resolutions


    Personal resolutions are the first set of resolutions you should set. This is the basis for other resolutions, because most personal habits have an impact on other resolutions like career resolutions, etc.

“If you want to change the world, we have to change ourselves. It is far more important and easier” -Jack Ma

  Career and education can be somewhat related, because Adults and Students would read this, so I decided to make them as one. 

     Now, this type of resolution is mostly with a deadline to beat. It can be to meet the requirements of your educational standard (examinations, competitions, projects, etc) or to achieve a career goal to promote yourself or your company. Whichever way it might be for you, don’t think that you might not find the need to set this type of resolution. Don’t say to yourself “I’m doing quite well in school, I don’t need this” or “I’m the boss in my place of work, why should I set this type of resolution?” 

    Well, I will explain the reasons why you must set this type of resolution. 

⭐️Career/educational resolutions

I have done my research and I found out that people who set annual educational/career resolutions have a higher tendency of becoming more effective than people who don’t. If you are thinking you are higher in your field of study/work, and you don’t plan your work/education well, don’t let it surprise you if people below you are achieving more than you are. Sometimes, you might have noticed that the dullest boy in your class suddenly becomes brighter than you, like the story of Ben Carson. So if you really want to be on top of your field, if you really want to stay at the peak of your education/career, then you have to make these resolutions. 

    Opportunities are always present in Educational and career areas, so if you can make this type of resolution, then you have a higher advantage over others at seizing opportunities. 


    Seek for the vacant places that you can fill, occupy and effectively seize opportunities in your education/career. What is that one thing that isn’t present in your education/career, that if you exhibit or discover it, you are going to stand out? Ask questions like these, plan your resolutions, and see your power of deep, reflective and positive thinking.

⭐️Social resolutions⭐️

We have focused more on ourselves, let’s go to the social aspects. 

   I suggest and strongly advise that you set resolutions that relates to the social welfare of humans and living things in general. I know that you might be thinking if you can contribute your societal welfare, but I tell you that you can. 

Help a life, if possible. Have new year resolutions that involves you impacting people’s lives or adding to the wellbeing of nature. This is an important resolution because we would be happy. Throughout the year, if you give and impact lives, then at the ending months of the year, you look back at what you’ve done, you would feel true joy when you know that you’ve made someone/people happy genuinely. And you know one funny fact about giving and impacting lives, you get double the blessings you give out. You get favours from people, you get opportunities and seize them. 

I made a social resolution to make people smile whenever they are around me. I love helping and making people feel happy and glad. This was my own resolution. I made sure I followed it. And now, I’m the founder of an NGO that focuses on youths and humanity in general. There’s no better feeling than the one I have when I see people smile. That’s why I adopted the motto ‘Your smile is my inspiration’. You can also do yours. You can set up resolutions that would make people feel your impact around them. It can be to give what you have to the needy, it can be to sponsor a good course, it can be to give people advice whenever they need it, you can help Mother Nature (plant a tree, tackle pollution problems, etc) whatever you wish to do, you can do it and be happy that you’ve actually been selfless and impactful to lives. 


      If you have questions on this, hit me up in the comment section.

⭐️How to achieve your New Year’s resolutions

   You’ve actually had a detailed concept of new year resolutions. You have seen the types of resolutions and I believe you have made up your mind to have the three types of resolutions. If you have, I’m very proud of you and that’s very lovely of you. I’m happy for your decision✨

I will show you the steps to achieving your new year resolutions. Follow them diligently and you will have results to share with us (I believe) 

  1. Take a paper and pen, look at the types of resolutions (personal, career/educational, social) and write down what you want to achieve in those categories of new year resolutions. Write down the habits and actions that you want to take for each type of resolution 
  2. Get something that will keep reminding you of your goals. Preferably an app. I suggest Habitify if you are going for an app, the app is well structured and effective. I’m also a user and I testify to this. You will write down your goals and missions and you will be reminded about them. 
  3. Start. Start. Start. “It always seems impossible until it’s done”- Nelson Mandela. You have to just start. I know that it might be a habit that you want to break or a habit that you want to start. Either way isn’t easy and I understand that. But until you take a step of resolution, you might never achieve your New Year’s resolutions. You have identified your resolutions now, what you have to do is to start. 
  4. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Nothing good comes easy, I hope you know that? What you are trying to do is something that your body might not be used to. There is bound to be negotiation going on in your body. A part that doesn’t want that bad habit to leave. A part that doesn’t want that new habit to come in. You just have to tell your body that “hey, I’m the one in control okay? I’m the one with the final decisions” but for your body to understand this, Consistency is key. The process of continuity. Just keep on doing your resolutions even when times are hard, and you will experience ease later on. Trust me on this. ✨
  5. Get someone who might have the same goals as you. Join organizations that engage in the same planning as your resolutions. If you know that it’s hard to stick to your resolutions after all these, join a person/people..preferably organizations that will push you to working on your resolutions. If you know that you want to help needy people, orphanages outreaches, school outreaches, sponsor seminars, trainings, and programs, and all those social goals as new year resolutions, then I recommend Modifying Humanity to you. It’s an NGO founded by a Nigerian University student, which focuses on youths and humans in general. You can join them and be a volunteer in your country, and even encourage the founder. This is a way of pushing you to following your resolutions. You can reach them on Twitter on 


We have successfully gone through all what you need to understand about new year resolutions. If you have trouble or have questions on any part of this article, please ask it in the comment section. If it requires privacy, I will direct you to an enclosed platform. But I highly suggest you get Habitify for your habits tracking. Don’t doubt it, just download it and keep records of your new year resolutions. It’s available for Android, iOS, MacBook and even web!

Published by Vincent Ehindero

A co-founder and CEO of High Foster. Vincent is a humorous guy that has a wonderful talent of blending growth secrets with relatable experiences. He is also a founder of a nonprofit organization that focuses on developing children and youths.

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