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5 reasons why you should learn skills in 2020.

The world is evolving and developing every single second, and very soon, some jobs would be driven out of business due to new demands that accompanies mass development. On the other hand, some skills would be in high demand for the same reason. This is a truth that many don’t like to hear. It’s the obvious fact that many run away from.

      I did a research and I found out that many professions would be overshadowed by advanced skills in the next few years. That means many would go unemployed, homeless, poor and depressed. 

    I cannot overemphasize this enough as it is the clear fact that we all know. 

But luckily, there’s always a solution to every challenge. But the effectiveness of the solution would be on your readiness to comply. This is something that shakes everyone, even me. You have to set the 2020 challenge. In 2020, you must be 365 times wiser than 2019. You must see the opportunity that others aren’t seeing, and seize them fast before the crowd notices. 

    Now, let’s look at the 5 reasons why you should learn skills in 2020.

  1. It’s Permanent

Skills cannot be taken from you. When you learn a skill, it becomes part of you. Whatever happens in the country or economy, you can never have it taken away from you. You learnt the skill, you know everything about the skill. And you know that skills can be improved on. They can be reformed. Because of the permanent nature of skills, you can build it every second, re-defining it, making and turning it into something that will explode in fame. 

     Let’s take for instance, LEADERSHIP. It’s a skill. You learn it, you don’t acquire skills, you learn it. If you decide to learn the leadership skill, and you put your whole soul into it, it would help and surprise you in areas you never expected. When you build a company, the leadership skill that you learnt will always be with you, and you would be surprised at your ability to run your company well. 

     Don’t say that you are still young to learn a skill, or you don’t have the time. If you really want to learn a skill, you would create time for it. And don’t forget the permanent nature of skills. You can learn a skill in 2020 and it would help you in future years. That’s the beauty of skills. 

     When I was in secondary school, I was particularly interested in writing skills…more like content writing. I would write articles like this one, write essays, letters, etc. it was a skill that I was building. I didn’t know where exactly I would need it, but I kept dedicating time to it. It never left me, I always write. And the beauty about it is that, learning a skill allows you to develop the skill yourself…you know, adding your own touch of awesomeness, research, beauty, etc. Now, I’m using my writing skills to add to your knowledge and information. I’m using my writing skills to create awareness and it feels good. 

    You can also do the same. It’s Permanent, so learn it. It isn’t going to run away from your life, so learn it. Whatever skill you want to learn, know that it can be that skill that you will use to make it in life. Who knows? 

  1. Makes you distinct

 This goes mostly to students. In your class or school, do you want to be like everyone else that attends classes, do the normal routine, go home, wake up and begin the cycle over again? Do you want to be the regular student that doesn’t know anything or do anything apart from what normal students do? 

    If your answers to the above questions is NO, then you need to do something that they aren’t doing. And what’s that? Learn a skill. 

   Let me tell you this secret, if your friends aren’t doing something or learning a skill, and you are the only person doing it, do you know that you would get loyal and fast followers because you are the only person doing that skill in the whole of your school? 

    Take for instance, Social Media Marketing. My elder brother, the CEO of Thepottv media-the biggest Whatsapp  media, began learning the skill of social media marketing. He started from secondary school and when he got to the university, he discovered an opportunity that no one discovered and siezed it. With hardwork and commitment, Pottvmedia is widely known in Nigeria and Africa. 

    This has made him distinct. This has made him different from the regular students in the school. This has caused him to see and seize opportunities because he has the skill. This is why you should learn a skill also. 

    In your class or faculty, you will be distinct. Your mindset will change, you will not take decisions randomly, but rather wisely. 


It’s not new to see people getting well known, not with what they studied but what they learnt. It’s not about the ineffectiveness of what you studied, but the opportunity at hand. If you learnt the leadership skill, but you studied Aquaculture, and a company calls you to be their CEO, because of your leadership sense, would you refuse such offer? That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

     When you learn skills, you have multiple options. And with multiple options comes multiple opportunities. You won’t be held down to one spot. You will always have the upper advantage. I often tell people that learning skills is like preparing for any direction. It’s like telling the world “hey, I’m ready for anything you want to throw at me”. Opportunities are always available, it isn’t that you can’t find them. It’s that you aren’t doing something that would seek them out. Whatever you are doing, whatever you would do, always prepare for plan B. Always have a backup. Learning skills is like a backup drive. You might focus on another aspect entirely, but when you are in need of the backup, it’s always with you and you can use it. That’s the idea behind learning of skills. It might seem like there’s no opportunities now, but when the opportunity comes, instead of running to learn the skill that you should have learnt, you can just seize the opportunity because the skill is already in you. Learn skills and you will marvel at the opportunity that each will present. 

4. Build a name for yourself

      Most people have the dream of becoming reputable figures in the world. They want the ‘CEO’ or ‘FOUNDER’ title attached to their names. 

     It’s not bad if you also want this. We are human beings and we all have the urge to be someone of influence.Most people that are in the top of their game in this world, are people that learnt and nurtured a skill or skills. Look at Mark Zuckerberg, Bill gates, Dangote,Christiano Ronaldo, Jack Ma, Funke Akindele, Etc.  They are all masters of their field because they could work on their skills effectively. 

    The fastest way to make a name for yourself is to build on an existing skill that you have. That’s the fastest and best way to gain fame. Except of course if there would be an alien attack and you will be the superhero of the earth to stop it. But if there isn’t an alien attack, then I advice you better go learn some skills and build it wholeheartedly and with commitment. You can search it up on google to see the top players in your desired field. Check their background of becoming famous and you will notice a common trend: skills building. 

   So if you have a dream of becoming the name on everyone’s lips, then you now know what to do. You can’t just sit there and dream of that kind of future. You can’t just laugh all day and BOOM! your fantasies come to pass. “You can force a horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink”. Just the same way you can force someone to see what a bright future looks like, but you cannot force that person to achieve it. Now that you’ve dreamt it, go build up the skill to achieve it. I believe you can because you can! 

5. Learning a skill is monetizing your talents

   I have the talent of inspiring and motivating people. But if I want to earn from it, I will take to public speaking skills and content writing skills. That’s the skill that I will use to develop my talents and make a name for myself. The exact thing that you are also expected to do. 

    My close friend, the CEO of Mayor_Arts, has the talent of drawing. He would take super strikas and Archie comic books and draw them. Once he discovered he had the talent, he needed to monetize it. He therefore committed himself to learning the skill of 3D drawing, painting and dimensional art. He learnt skills to build his talents because he wanted to monetize it. So we can say he had the talent of drawing but he has learnt the skills of 3D drawing, painting and dimensional art. 

     With the talents, it wasn’t enough to be monetized. But with the addition of skills learnt, he is now monetizing. 

   This is the basic concept behind using skills to monetize your talents. If I like motivating people, and I learnt content writing, I can write for different websites, write books and ebooks and eventually monetize my hobby or talent. 

Learn a skill that goes with what you love doing. If you love being the forward of something, go learn Leadership skills. If you love writing, go learn content writing. If you love helping people to publicize their products or service, go learn influencing skills or social media marketing. If you love programming electronics, go learn data analysis or computer coding. 

    There’s always a skill that fits your talents. Always. 

    I suggest you pick skills that go with what you love doing because of the attitude you would give it. If you are studying Guidance and Counseling, and you want to learn computer coding, you might lose interest very soon, depending on your determination and commitment. But it’s possible. 

    In fact, I suggest we all learn something that relates to computers, electronics and technology, because the world is becoming technologically based everyday, and having a touch of technology with you is a good thing for future benefits. 

    Go learn that skill and monetize your talents! 

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